How to Fix a PC that is Randomly Beeping while Gaming (STEPS)

Why does my PC keep beeping while playing games?

The reason your PC is making beeping sounds while gaming is because of improperly seated RAM sticks. Another reason for this problem could be a failing CPU or GPU.


Possible Causes

  • Improperly seated RAM sticks
  • Failed GPU or CPU
  • Unplugged cables
  • The user is holding down too many keys
  • Problem with the graphics card slot


Improperly seated RAM sticks

There have been several instances where users have installed the RAM sticks incorrectly or where the RAM sticks haven’t been appropriately inserted into their slots. This issue often leads to beeping sounds on the computer. The problem can be resolved if you reseat the RAM sticks.


Failed GPU or CPU

Your processors come with a useful life. Often, your heavy games take a toll on the overall health of the processor that dies sooner than its expected life. When it is near-death, your PC sends you constant messages/notifications to notify you that something is wrong with your computer’s hardware. Beeping sounds coming out of a PC indicates that there is a problem of a failed CPU or GPU.


Unplugged cables

Loose-fitted cables create problems for the smooth running of the system. Any beeps should immediately make you check if all wires and cables are firmly connected.


The user is holding down too many keys

When you are playing a game, you may press several keys together. Multiple combinations lead to an error in the system. It is a big reason for beeps in the computer. When playing, ensure that you are lightly pressing down the keys. Also, it is good to check which combination may cause a problem to avoid the issue.

Problem with the graphics card slot

Games with heavy graphics require more memory and updated specs. Systems that don’t have updated graphics card drivers may find it challenging to run a PC game. In that case, updating your computer and bringing it to par with the graphics-heavy game is always better before you install it.


How Do You Fix A Computer That Beeps When Playing Games?

To fix a computer that beeps when playing games, reseat your RAM sticks properly, replace the processer or check the manual to see if you’ve made a mistake in setting up your gaming device.


Reseat RAM Sticks [Method 1]

  1. Take out the RAM sticks one-by-one
  2. Restart the PC every time you have taken a RAM stick out to check if it’s working
  3. Properly reseat the slots and ensure that you hear a click sound when you place the sticks in their slots.


Replace the Processor [Method 2]

  1. Get your CPU checked for any damages
  2. If the problem is intense, get another set of CPU

Tip: If you want to play heavy games on your computer, it is best to have a customized computer instead of a pre-built one.


Check the Manual [Method 3]

Different operating systems have separate descriptions for beep codes. Your PC would have come with a manufacturer manual. Take it out and see what it says about different beeps.


PC randomly beeping while gaming


Why Is My PC Beeping Continuously When Gaming?

If your PC is continuously beeping when gaming, it indicates that there is a heat-related issue or a stuck key on the keyboard.

To fix it:

  1. Check your fans to see if they are working properly
  2. Thoroughly clean the system to remove debris and dust
  3. If there is a keyboard issue, check if there is any stuck key


Why Is My Computer Beeping After A Few Minutes Of Playing A Game?

The reason your computer is beeping after a few minutes of playing a game is because the keyboard’s keys are either stuck or being pressed too hard.


  1. Manually check the keyboard to rule out this possibility.
  2. In case of holding too many keys at the same time [for example, W for walking, G for throwing a grenade and D for directions], see if a certain combination is leading to an error; avoid that combination for a short while.


Why Is My PC Beeping And Not Turning On?

The reason your PC is not turning on and is only beeping is because of incorrect BIOS settings or the RAM is not sitting correctly in its slot.


To fix the issue:

  1. Get the hardware that is compatible with your PC’s motherboard
  2. Check any faulty settings in the BIOS and fix them
  3. Check if the RAM is working well and that it is not seated improperly in the RAM slot
  4. Update your video card


Why Is Windows 10 Beeping While Playing Games?

The reason your Windows 10 is making a beeping sound is because you haven’t installed the available updates.


The issue is resolved when you have:

  1. Updated the Windows
  2. Checked the drivers and updated them accordingly
  3. Changed your sounds settings


Why Is Windows 11 Beeping While Playing Games?

The reason your Windows 11 is beeping while playing games is because of a bug in the system or running outdated Windows software.


So, you have to check if you have:

  1. Installed all the updates.
  2. Restarted the computer at least once.
  3. Updated and checked all the drivers.


Why Does My Mouse Make A Beeping Noise While Playing Games?

The reason your mouse keeps making beeping sounds when you are playing the game if its driver is not installed correctly or corrupt.


The best way to get this problem resolved:

  1. Uninstall the driver
  2. Reinstall the driver


Tip: to avoid such issues in the future, make sure that you have your drivers updated. Pay attention to the overall health of your PC before installing any new games. Also, download an anti-virus app to scan for potential malware to ensure no component is corrupted.


Computer Beep Codes

Different beep codes indicate various errors. A 1-short, for example,indicates the failure of the programmable interrupt controller or timer.

Here is a short list of what beep codes mean:

Number of beeps Description
1 short It indicates the failure of the programmable interrupt controller or timer
2 short It shows a memory parity error in the first 64K RAM. This error also indicates that RAM IC is bad
3 short It shows that there has been a memory failure in the first 64K of RAM, and that the RAM IC is bad
4 short The system clock/timer IC has failed, or there is a memory error in the first bank of memory
5 short The system CPU has failed
6 short The keyboard controller IC has failed and does not allow Gate A20 to switch the processor to protected mode. It calls for keyboard controller replacement
7 short The CPU has generated an exception error. This could be because of a fault in the CPU or motherboard circuitry
8 short The system video adapter is missing or defective
9 short The contents of the system BIOS ROM are incompatible with the expected checksum value. The BIOS ROM is defective -and should be replaced
10 short The shutdown of the CMOS has failed
11 short The L2 cache is faulty
1 long, 2 short The video BIOS ROM has reported an error, or there has been a horizontal retrace failure
1 long, 3 short The system has detected a fault in the above-64KB memory
1 long, 8 short The video adapter is either missing or defective
2 short One of the hardware tests has failed


Why Does My Computer Beep 2 Times?

The main reason your computer beeps 2 times is because of the processor is overheating. Games require higher CPU power. Their constant running overheats processors. The beep sounds may also indicate that the processor has gone bad or has been badly damaged.


To resolve the issue:

  1. Check if the fans are working to ensure the timely cooling of the internal system.
  2. Check if the fans are not clogged with dust build-up.
  3. Ensure that all your drivers are updated to not overheat the CPU.


Why Does My Computer Beep 3 Times?

The reason your computer beeps 3 times is because there is a memory error or the RAM is malfunctioning.


To fix the problem:

  1. Take out one of the RAM sticks from their slots and restart the computer; this step is done to check if any one of the two sticks is faulty.
  2. If the problem persists, insert the one you have just taken out and remove the other.
  3. In case the issue doesn’t get resolved, replace the slots of RAMs.
  4. Another reason for this problem could be dust build-up in RAM slots. Ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned them up before fixing them again in their slots.
  5. If the problem persists, it’s time to get a new set of RAM sticks.


Why Does My Computer Beep 4 Times?

The reason your computer beeps 4 times is because there is a system timer failure or memory error in the first bank of memory.


The problem could be resolved through:

  1. Troubleshooting motherboard
  2. You could also check your RAM sticks to see if they are working fine.


Why Is My Computer Beeping InLeague Of Legends?

The reason your computer is beeping in League of Legends is because you may be holding the keys on the keyboard too strongly.

Here are some things that you have to watch out for to ensure such problems don’t surface in the future:

  • Make sure that you are not pressing a combination of keys too hard; it will lead to an error
  • Check if your RAM sticks are seated properly; if RAM sticks are not properly fit, the system makes strong beeping sounds to draw your attention
  • Update the game. If the latest version of the game is available, update it soon
  • Update your video drivers
  • Beeping sounds also indicate a memory issue; install a new RAM to resolve the problem


Why Is My Computer Beeping In Valorant?

The reason your computer is beeping while playing Valorant is because its drivers aren’t updated. Other reasons could be that it has outdated or incompatible video drivers.

To fix the issue, you should:

  • Update the drivers
  • See if you have enough RAM to run the game
  • Update the latest version of the game to have an optimal experience.


Why Is My Computer Beeping InMinecraft?

The reason your computer is beeping in Minecraft is because there is anactive ‘shift keys’ accessibility option. Another possible reason could be that you are pressing and holding down multiple keys too hard – and for a long time.

To fix the problem:

  • Hit the Shift key 10 times to check if the shift keys accessibility mode is turned off
  • Be a little gentle with the keyboard when playing the game
  • Ensure that RAM sticks are properly inserted in their slots
  • Brush off the RAM slots to clean any dust build-up

Tip: Intensive and graphics-heavy games may find some trouble when running on pre-built computers. If you are a gaming enthusiast, it is best to get your computer customized and modify it to make it compatible with gaming.


Why Is My Computer Beeping InFortnite?

The reason your computer is beeping in Fornite is because heavy graphics games like Fortnite require a lot of power from your GPU or CPU, which causes overheating. A beeping sound from your system may also indicate that you must let the machine cool down and stop playing the game.

To avoid this problem, you can:

  • Get your fans fixed and thoroughly cleaned
  • Check if RAM sticks are properly seated
  • Update your video drivers
  • If the PC is running constantly, give some rest to it and pause the game for a while

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