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Why is my PC Randomly Crashing While Gaming?

Why does my PC keep crashing when playing games?

The reason for frequent crashing of your computer mid-game is because of incompatible graphic card drivers and system file corruption.


Other causes of your computer crashing mid-game can be:

  • Background applications and programs
  • Virus on computer
  • Incompatible graphic cards drivers
  • System file corruption
  • Computer overheating
  • Inadequate computer software


Background applications and programs

Background programs take a lot of your RAM and eat away at the memory a game requires to run smoothly. Closing unnecessary applications before launching the game will help resolve the problem.


Virus on computer

Frequent crashes of the computer are a sign of a possible virus or malware on the computer. It is better to run a scanner to check for possible viruses and remove them accordingly.


Incompatible graphic card drivers

A PC fails to run a game because of the incompatibility of its graphic card drivers. Updating your computer with the latest specs will help launch a game without disruptions.


System file corruption

Corrupted files on a computerare a leading cause of computer crashes mid-game.


Computer overheating

Computers come with fans that cool down a PC’s internal system. If the fans aren’t working well and the CPU has overheated and reached dangerously high levels, your computer will shut down automatically to evade a major crisis or damage. 


Inadequate computer software

Some games will require additional software for their smooth operations. If your computer doesn’t have that software installed, it will keep crashing mid-game.


PC randomly crashing while gaming


How do you fix a computer that crashes when playing games?

To fix a computer that crashes when playing games, you should cool down the computer, update the drivers of the computer, or run the anti-virus program. 


Cooling Down TheComputer [Method 1]

Power-intensive games or 20 or more applications running in the background cause frequent computer crashes. All PCs shut down automatically when CPU temperatures reach critical levels. To fix the issue:

  1. Use a PC temperature control to keep a check on its temperatures.
  2. Keep the fans fitted inside the CPU clean. 
  3. Add extra coolers to prevent the CPU from overheating.
  4. Apply the thermal paste on the CPU to keep it cool.


Checking The Hard Driver For Any Bad Components [Method 2]

Bad components in your hard drive lead to constant computer crashes. Applications like MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you fix the issue. Here is how you should run the program:

  1. Install the app and open it
  2. In the disk map, you will find the target disk option; click on it
  3. Keep scrolling till you find the Surface Test option
  4. Click on Start Now and let the program scan for any bad sectors
  5. Red squares will tell the number of sectors that have gone bad. If the red squares are more than the green ones, you should get a new one.


Virus On Computer [Method 3]

Malware and viruses on your computer make it crash. You can install third-party antivirus programs to scan your system for any viruses. Enabling Windows Defender also helps fix the issue:

  1. Open Windows Defender and choose virus & threat protection.
  2. Choose the Advanced section and click Windows Defender Offline.
  3. Tap on Scan now.
  4. The application will start scanning your computer for any threats or viruses.


Fixing Incompatible Graphics Card Driver [Method 4]

Even though Windows is quite friendly for gaming activities, Windows 10’s drivers are not compatible with many games. Installing the latest version of the driver fixes the issue of constant crashes. Follow this tutorial to get rid of the problem:

  1. In the Cortana search bar, type Control Panel
  2. In the left pane, you will find the Hardware and Sound option; click on it
  3. Go to Display Adapters and click on Update driver
  4. Click on Search automatically to update the software
  5. Once the updates are complete, relaunch your game.


Managing The Background Programs [Method 5]

The first thing you must check if such a problem exists is to check if unnecessary programs are running in the background. You will have to close down the programs that are eating away your RAM to allow the games to have enough memory space to run smoothly. You should follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Select the Task Manager option by right-clicking on Taskbar
  2. Go to the Startup button
  3. Disable all unnecessary applications – especially those that have “high” startup impact
  4. Restart the computer

Why Does My Laptop Keep Crashing Mid-Game?

The reason your laptop keeps crashing mid-game is because of a computer’s low hardware specs, too much overclocking, and insufficient operating system lead to frequent crashes.

Other possible causes of the problem are:

Powerful Graphics Card

If your computer is not capable enough of handling the graphics card, it will keep crashing whenever you launch a game. Many people get a more powerful graphics card for their computer, which is too powerful for the power supply unit. As a result, it keeps crashing when the card is in use.

The problem is resolved when a user buys a more powerful power supply unit. Also, before making this purchase, you can consider cleaning out the interior of the computer to wipe out any dust buildup. 


Devices That Aren’t Updated

Upgrading the hardware of the computer is quite heavy on the wallet, but it is an important solution to the problem of frequent crashes. Some hardware devices are incompatible with running power-intensive games. The game itself should be updated. 

Keep your video drivers and update your operating system from time to time to make sure that your computer continues to perform efficiently.


Network Issues

Slow internet and other network problems can cause delays and make it impossible for your system to connect with the server. You will have to have a top-notch internet speed to play the game.

Make sure that you don’t play online games on a WiFi connection whenever possible. Instead, it would be best to get your PC connected with Ethernet. 


Games In TheWrong Mode

Your computer may start crashing if you use it in the wrong mode. Playing games in Game Mode will help fix the problem of frequent crashes. The mode can be enabled by:

  1. Pressing Windows + I to go to setting
  2. Selecting the Gaming option 
  3. Clicking on the toggle in front of Game Mode


Antivirus Software

Applications that are running in the background force your computer to shut down. The antivirus application, however, keeps scanning for suspicious files.


To reduce crashes, you can consider reducing the level of scanning when you are gaming. This step will help you temporarily disable the antivirus software when playing games so that your computer doesn’t crash the mid-game.


RAM Problems

If your computer has been running on a low RAM or the low overall specs, it will stop running when you are playing as games require high memory space. If you have recently reinstalled your RAM, you should check if it’s perfectly seated in the slots or not or get it exchanged if it’s faulty.


Also, find out the required specs for your game so that you can update your hardware accordingly and avoid any crashes mid-game.


PC Running On VPN

VPN usage also interferes with the running of your game. Any delays through the VPN forcefully shut down your computer. The best solution will be to get a faster VPN or a faster internet connection. The final step will be to restart the game after disabling the VPN. 


Why is my computer crashing after a few minutes of playing a game?

The reason your computer crashes after a few minutes of playing a game could be because of corrupted files on your computer that are forcing your system to shut down every five minutes. Overheated computers also show the same patterns.


This problem can be resolved by:

  1. Running a scanner to check if there is any virus or corrupted files on the system.
  2. Updating the computer’s hardware to check that it has proper fans to keep the heat at bay.
  3. Checking that the PC’s CPU is not facing the problem of dust or moisture buildup.


Why does my game crash to the desktop but no error on Windows 10?

The reason your game crashes to the desktop but there’s no error on Windows 10 could be because of software interference or an outdated driver.


This issue can be fixed if you:

  1. Check the antivirus setting of the computer.
  2. Also, check the built-in security system of Windows.
  3. Test your PC’s hardware to ensure that it is compatible with the games.


Why does my game crash to the desktop but no error on Windows 11?

The reason your game crashes to the desktop but no error on Windows 11 could be due to device drivers’ compatibility issues or outdated or faulty computer drivers.


To ensure that this issue doesn’t come up again, you should:

  1. Update the graphics card requirement.
  2. Use the command Windows + I to go to Settings.
  3. Choose Windows Update from the left pane.
  4. In the right pane, select Check for updates.


Edit Video Performance

To edit video performance, open Windows search with the help of the command Windows + S. On the search bar, type View advanced system settings and press Enter.


  1. Go to Advanced
  2. Under Performance, you will find the Settings button; click on it.
  3. In the pop-up window, go to the Data Execution Prevention tab.
  4. You will now have to turn on DEP and add exceptions.
  5. Go to the Add option and type the game you want to play.


Why are my computer games crashing to a black screen?

The reason your computer games keep crashing to a black screen could be because of a corrupted graphic driver file or outdated graphic driver.


How to solve the issue:

  1. Get the version of the graphic driver that is compatible with the game.
  2. Use a system restoration tool to restore corrupted files.


Why does my PC crash when launching a game?

The reason your PC crashes when launching a game could be due to third-party applications, video card problems, and display driver problems.


To fix this, follow below methods:


Updating The Driver

  1. Click Start and choose Run.
  2. Type devmgmt.MSc in the Run prompt and then click ok.
  3. Expand Display adapters in Device Manager.
  4. Click Update Driver Software by right-clicking on the display driver.
  5. Choose the option that says Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.


CleanbootYour System

Place your system in the clean boot state to help identify if some third-party applications are causing your system to crash frequently. Once the cleaning is done, relaunch the game to check if the problem has been solved.


Why is my PC crashing when closing games?

The reason your PC keeps crashing when closing games is because of an overheated computer or one that’s not connected to an efficient supply of electric power.


It means that the issue is caused by:

  • Insufficient electric supply
  • Overheated computers


This problem can be fixed by following these steps: 

  1. Apply the thermal paste on the CPU to keep it cool.
  2. Ensure that the power supply is stable and sufficient.


Why is my computer crashing when downloading Steam games?

Your computer may crash when downloading Steam games because ofpoor network, slow server, file system issue, and outdated version of Windows. 


Some solutions that can help you fix this problem include:

  1. Resetting Steam Client; this can be done by deleting ClientRegistry.blob.
  2. Running as an administrator account to launch Steam.
  3. Updating the graphics card driver to its latest version.
  4. Updating Windows.
  5. Deleting Steam games’ AppCache folder.

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