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How to Fix Galaxy Buds2 Earbuds Not Charging (STEPS)

Why Are My Galaxy Buds2 Earbuds Not Charging?

The reason your Galaxy Buds2 earbuds are not charging is because of a damaged cable, a dirty charging case , or using an incompatible charging cable.



  • Dirty earbuds
  • Moisture in the earbuds
  • Third-party charging hardware
  • Faulty battery
  • Outdated software


Dirty Earbuds

Earbuds need to be cleaned regularly. The buildup inside them messes with their internal wire system and creates issues during charging.


Moisture in the Earbuds

Constant use of the earbuds will expose them to sweat. Water droplets inside the earbuds make the charging process difficult.


Third-Party Charging Hardware

Galaxy Buds2 earbuds come with a set of charging cable. If you try charging them with a third-party charger, it will not work. If the earbuds are not charging because of the incompatibility of a third-party device, you should connect them to the one that came originally with them.


Faulty Battery

Galaxy Buds2 earbuds don’t charge if they have a faulty battery.The only solution will be to get your headset replaced.


Outdated Software

The headset works well if they are running on the updated software. If your earbuds are not charging, you should get their software outdated immediately.


How Do I Fix My Galaxy Buds2 Earbuds Not Charging?

To fix the issue of your Galaxy Buds2 earbuds not charging, you need to clean the device, use a Samsung case, drain the earbuds or charge the case.


Clean The Device [Method 1]

Regular cleaning of the earbuds will stopthem from causing charging issues. It would help if you cleaned them as follow:

  1. Take a microfiber cloth.
  2. Remove any dust.
  3. Now take the earbuds and keep them in the dry place for a while to completely dry them off.
  4. You can also place them in a rice bag; the rice will absorb all moisture.
  5. Use a brush to wipe off any remaining dirt or debris.


Use A Samsung Case [Method 2]

If the Galaxy Buds2 earbuds’ battery doesn’t charge, you should get a compatible Samsung case. Many users get the charging case of a different brand to save a few bucks.

  1. Buy a case that is compatible with your earbuds.
  2. Ensure that the case is fully charged.


Drain The Earbuds [Method 3]

Sometimes, one earbud works fine while the other one causes trouble. In such cases, drain down the battery of the functioning earbud and then charge them together by:

  1. Putting the earbuds into the charging case.
  2. Ensuring that the earbuds are properly seated inside the case.


Charge The Case [Method 4]

If the earbuds are cleaned, and their hardware is pristine, then the reason for your earbuds not charging could be your charging case.


If it is not charged:

  1. Place the earbuds into the case
  2. Close it
  3. Connect it to a power outlet


You can charge it without the earbuds as well.

Note: If the issue is not grave, these steps can help solve the problem. However, if it doesn’t go away, you may want to get a replacement (if you have recently bought the earbuds). Go to a Samsung store and file for one.


Galaxy Buds2 Earbuds not charging


Why is My Galaxy Buds2 Left Earbud Not Charging?

The reason your Galaxy Buds2 left earbud is not charging is because there is moisture or dust buildup in it.Another reason could also be that the charging wire is incompatible with the device.


To fix the issue:

  1. Clean the earbud with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  2. Put the earbud into a bag of rice if the moisture buildup is too much.
  3. Ensure that the earbud is seated firmly in the charging case.
  4. If you see a green light (that shows that charging is done) right after you place the earbud in the charging case, jiggle the earbud a little and place them in the case again.
  5. Close the lid carefully and see if the charging light is on.


Why Is My Galaxy Buds2 Right Earbud Not Charging?

The reason your Galaxy Buds2 right earbud is not charging is because of a faulty wire or moisture buildup.

To fix this problem:

  1. Clean the earbud using a lint-free cloth
  2. Place the earbud into the charging case and ensure that the ear hook of the earbuds is not overlapping the other one.
  3. Change the power source and recharge it.


Galaxy Buds2 Charger Error Light Colors?

Galaxy Buds2’s charging case displays error light colors to help you identify what’s wrong with it. For instance, a solid yellow light means battery is less than 30%, whereas a fast-paced flashing red light could mean the charging stopped due to abnormal temperatures.

Below table defines these error light colors in detail.

Light Color State Meaning of Error
Red Flashes [fast pace] Charging stopped because of abnormal temperatures
Red Flashes [soft pace] Low battery
Red Solid Battery power is <30%
Yellow Solid Battery power is between 30% and 60%
No light N/A The case isn’t charged


How Do I Know If My Galaxy Buds 2 are Charging?

The Galaxy Buds2’s charging case’s indicator lights will tell you if your earbuds are charging. The case has a small LED light at the bottom,which flashes different lights to let you know the status of charging:

  1. The light turns red – the earbuds are charging.
  2. The light turns green – the earbuds are fully charged.
  3. Flashing light – the charging process has been disrupted because of abnormal temperature or some other error.


Why Is My Galaxy Buds2 Case Not Lighting Up?

If the Galaxy Buds2 charging case doesn’t light up, it means that it is not charging your earbuds. The reason for this could bethat the charging port of the case is dirty or the case is out of battery.


To fix this:

  1. Use a soft-bristle brush to remove all the dust from the charging port.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth to remove any dust from inside the charging case.
  3. Ensure that the earbuds are seated correctly.
  4. Ensure that the power source to which the charging case is connected works well.


How Do I Reset My Galaxy Buds2 Charging Case?

To reset your Galaxy Buds2 charging case, press the left and right buttons for 10 seconds until you see light flashes on the LED.

Below we discuss the step-by-step process:

  1. Take out the earbuds from the case.
  2. Ensure that they are on.
  3. Press the Left and Right buttons for 10 seconds until you see light flashes on the LED.
  4. The case has been reset.

Note: It should be noted that all your devices will be unpaired once the charging case has been reset.

How Do I Check The Battery On My Galaxy Buds2?

You can check the remaining battery on your Galaxy Buds2 earbudsthrough the battery widgets or by reconnecting the device.


Here are some methods that can help you check the battery levels:

  1. On your device, go to the Bluetooth option and disable the earbuds. On the Bluetooth page, you will find different available devices. Connect to the earbuds without leaving the page. A page will be displayed, showing the status of the battery.
  2. Also, once connected, the device will show the remaining battery of the headset below the Bluetooth button.
  3. On your phone, go to the Samsung Wearables app. The page will display the required data.


How Long Do Galaxy Buds2 Earbuds Take to Charge?

If you charge the earbuds for 10 minutes straight, you will get 3 hours of charge. With six hours of charge, you can enjoy a battery life of up to 13 hours.


Why Is My Galaxy Buds2 Case Not Charging 100%?

The reason your earbuds are not charging 100% is possible because their charging port is dirty, they have moisture inside themor their software is not updated. Another reason for this problem could be a faulty wire.

To fix it:

  1. Repair the earbuds with the device by forgetting and reconnecting them.
  2. Restart the earbuds by placing them inside the charging case and leaving the lid open.
  3. Clean the earbuds with the help of a lint-free cloth.
  4. Change the power outlet.
  5. Change the charging cable.
  6. Ensure that the charging case is fully charged.


Why Are My Galaxy Buds2 Earbuds Not Holding Their Charge?

The main reason why your Galaxy Buds2 earbuds don’thold their chargeis because they are not properly seated in the charging case or they have moisture or dust buildup inside them.


To fix the seating issue:

  1. Take them out and place them again.
  2. Push a little harder until you hear a click sound.
  3. Close the charging case.
  4. Try charging them again.


To clean up the dust:

  1. Take a lint-free cloth.
  2. Place the earbuds in a bag of rice.
  3. Leave them there for 2 days.
  4. Use a soft-bristle brush to thoroughly clean the earbuds.
  5. If you don’t have a bag of rice available, you can leave them in a dry place for 2 days.

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