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How to Fix Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Not Charging (STEPS)

Why Are My Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Not Charging?

The reason for your Powerbeats Pro earbuds are not charging is because of their improper placement in the charging case, a damaged charging case, or  a faulty battery.



  • The earbuds are dirty
  • There is moisture in the earbuds
  • The power outlet is not working
  • Faulty battery
  • Outdated software


The Earbuds Are Dirty

Debris buildup inside the earbuds disrupts the charging process. Regularly cleaning the earbuds will help keep the problem under control.


There Is Moisture in the Earbuds

Water droplets can easily seep into the earbuds and cause trouble in the internal system of the headset. To fix it, the best thing is to dry the headset for a considerable time. Submerge the earbuds into a bag of rice for at least 2 days. Take them out and then remove any dirt.


The Power Outlet Is Not Working

If the problem doesn’t lie in the headset or the charging case, it may lie in the power source. Change the power outlet to see if the problem goes away.


Faulty Battery

The earbuds’ battery will stop working efficiently after it reaches its useful life. This problem doesn’t have any quick fixes. So, you will have to get a new set of earbuds.


Outdated Software

If the software of the earbuds is not updated, it may cause charging issues. Updating the software is recommended.


Powerbeats Pro earbuds not charging
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How Do I Fix My Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Not Charging?

You can fix your Powerbeats Pro Earbuds that are not charging by cleaning the device, draining the battery or by resetting it to factory default settings.


Clean The Device [Method 1]

The earbuds and the charging case need cleaning now and then. Here are some steps to follow to fix the issue:

  1. Take a microfiber cloth to remove any dust.
  2. Wipe the moisture from the earbuds and keep them in the dry place for a while to completely dry them off.
  3. Use a soft-bristle brush to wipe off any remaining dirt or debris.


Drain The Battery [Method 2]

If the Powerbeats Pro ear buds battery won’t charge:

  1. Leave the headset in a dry place.
  2. Keep them there for one to two weeks.
  3. Once the battery is completely drained, recharge it.

Reset To Factory Default [Method 3]

Resetting the device to its factory defaults helps fix the problem of Powerbeats Pro not charging. 

  1. Pressing and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until you see flashing lights.
  2. Hold the Power button for additional 4 seconds and enter discovery mode.
  3. Tap on Bluetooth after going to the Settings menu.
  4. Tap on the Powerbeat Pro button and repair the headset.


Why Is My Powerbeats Pro Left Earbud Not Charging?

The reason your Powerbeats Pro left earbud is not charging is because the power source is out of order or it is unclean.

The issue can be resolved by:

  1. Thoroughly cleaning the earbud with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  2. Putting the earbud into a bag of rice if the moisture buildup is too much.
  3. Ensuring that the earbud is seated firmly in the charging case.


Why Is My Powerbeats Pro Right Earbud Not Charging?

The reason your Powerbeats Pro right earbud won’t charge is because it has debris or moisture inside it.

To fix this problem:

  1. Clean the earbud using a lint-free cloth.
  2. Firmly place the earbud into the charging case and make sure that the ear hook of earbuds is not overlapping the other one.
  3. If the problem persists, change the power source and recharge it.

If everything fails, it shows that the earbud is out of order and has been permanently damaged.


Powerbeats Pro Charger Error Light Colors?

The Powerbeats Pro charging case has different error light colors that tell you the battery status of the case and/or earbuds.

A flashing red light, for instance, denotes that the earbuds need to reset. Whereas, a no light error could mean the case isn’t charged.


Light Color State Meaning of Error
Red Solid < 40% battery
Red Flashes Earbuds need to be reset
No light N/A The case isn’t charged


What Does The Not Charging And Red Light Mean On Powerbeats Pro?

If the Powerbeats Pro LED indicator has a red light on it, it means that the charging case is out of charge or has less than 40% of charge. If the light flashes even after the case has been charged, it means that you have to reset your earbuds.


To reset the earbuds:

  1. Place them inside the charging case.
  2. Press the Setup button and don’t release it until you see red light flashes on the indicator.
  3. The white light flashes on the indicator mean that the earbuds are ready to pair.


If the problem doesn’t get resolved, you must clean the charging case and the headset.

  1. Take a lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe the dust and moisture off the earbuds.
  2. Take a toothbrush to clean the charging pin and at the back of the case.


How Do I Know If My Powerbeats Pro Are Charging?

To know if your Powerbeats Pro are charging, check the small LED light at the bottom of the charging case – just right below the Beats logo – that turns white when the earbuds are changing.


  1. The case turns red when its battery is less than 40%.
  2. If the light hasn’t turned on, it means that the case is out of charge.


Why Is My Powerbeats Pro Case Not Lighting Up?

The reason your Powerbeats Pro charging case is not lighting up is because there is an issue in the power source.


To fix the issue:

  1. Switch off the power source.
  2. Connect the charging cable to a different power outlet.

If you have ruled out that the power source is not the problem, you should check whether the charging cable is frayed or faulty. This problem can only be resolved if you change the cable.


How Do I Reset My Powerbeats Pro Charging Case?

To reset your Powerbeats Pro charging case, press the left and right buttons for 20 seconds until you see the light flashing on the LED.

Below, we discuss this step-by-step:

  1. Take out the earbuds from the case.
  2. Ensure that they are on.
  3. Press the Left and Right buttons for 10 seconds until you see light flashes on the LED.
  4. The case has been reset.

Note: Once the charging case has been reset, it unpairs from all the connected devices; you should pair it with the devices once the reset is done.


How Do I Check The Battery On My Powerbeats Pro?

Powerbeats Pro earbuds’ remaining power can be checked through battery widgets or by reconnecting the device.

Here are some methods that help check the battery levels:

  1. iPhone users can check the battery levels of the earbuds on one of the iOS widgets – on the Home Screen or the Today View page.
  2. On your device, go to the Bluetooth option and disable the earbuds. Go to the Bluetooth page and see the available device. Connect to the earbuds without leaving the page. Once connected, the device will show the remaining battery of the headset.
  3. Keep the charging case’s lid open. Bring your unlocked device at a 2-inch distance from the earbuds. A card will appear on the device’s screen, showing the battery level.

How long do Powerbeats Pro earbuds take to charge?

Each Powerbeats Pro earbud takes around 90 minutes to get fully charged. The charging case with the earbuds inside them takes 2.5 hours to charge.


Why Is My Powerbeats Pro Case Not Charging 100%?

Earbuds that run on outdated software fail to hold a full charge. Ensure that you are not behind any firmware updates.

Other methods that can help deal with the issue are:

  1. Repairing the earbuds with the device by forgetting and reconnecting them.
  2. Restarting the earbuds by placing them inside the charging case and leaving the lid open.
  3. Switching to a different power outlet to check if the issue is linked to an external source.


Why Are My Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Not Holding Their Charge?

Your Powerbeats Pro earbuds won’t hold their charge if they are not properly seated in the charging case or if they have dust, debris or moisture buildup inside.

To fix the issue seating issue:

  1. Take them out and place them again.
  2. Push a little harder until you hear a click sound.
  3. Close the charging case.
  4. Try charging them again.


To fix the debris issue:

  1. Take a lint-free cloth.
  2. Place the earbuds in a bag of rice.
  3. Leave them there for two days.
  4. Use a soft-bristle brush to thoroughly clean the earbuds.

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