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How to Fix a LG TV that is Showing a Black Screen

Why does my LG TV have a black screen?

The main reason why your LG TV is displaying a black screen is because of corrupt or outdated firmware, a faulty HDMI connection, or the backlight setting is too high.


We see our television as a dependable technology that operates on-demand to meet our usual entertainment demands.

We may occasionally get set to watch our favorite show only to be greeted by a dark screen. While this might be irritating, studying the problem and determining what caused it will quickly restore the entertainment.

Several factors can cause a black screen on your LG TV. Most difficulties may be resolved by updating firmware, providing power to the TV, and verifying connections are properly plugged in. Power cycling the TV or briefly disconnecting it usually fixes a black screen, resetting the TV functionality.

This problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including the image mode you have selected, a transient bug that has resulted in the black screen, repairing an overheated backlight, and others.


Possible causes:

  • Power Cycle
  • Backlight issue
  • Power source
  • Faulty connections


How do I fix a Sony TV black screen?

To fix a Sony TV black screen, you can unplug your TV, solve the problems with the remote controller or examine the backlight and power supply unit.

When your screen goes dark or stops operating, it might be inconvenient, but there are several easy options you can attempt to get it back up and running.


Problems with the Remote Controller

You may start by pressing the power button on your television. If your screen turns on, you have a simple solution to the problem.

You only need to change the batteries in your remote. If your remote still does not function after changing the batteries, it may be time to buy a new remote. Remote controls are relatively inexpensive. Options like this one are available from a variety of merchants.


Unplugging Your LG TV

Some LG TV software difficulties may be resolved with a few easy actions. Begin by disconnecting the television from the wall for approximately 45 seconds. All you have to do now is plug it back into the socket and try to turn on the TV again. If this fails, you may need to attempt a few more steps.

Your outlet may have failed, so try plugging the TV into a different outlet in your wall. If this resolves the black screen problem, you may need to contact an electrician to repair the electrical outlet in your home.


Examine the Backlight and the Power Supply Board

Whether your TV has an LCD screen, which most do, you should investigate to determine if this is the source of your issue. The backlight on your television is what allows you to view images. If this fails, your screen will go black, and you will be unable to see anything on your TV. To resolve this issue, you should:

  • Use a flashlight to illuminate the television screen
  • Examine the TV to check whether you can still see the graphics even with the spotlight on
  • If you can see them with a flashlight, the LCD screen is damaged, and you’ll need to buy a new TV


Alter the Picture Mode and Backlighting Settings

If you can obtain a picture after trying the fixes above, altering the image mode and backlight settings on your LG TV may help you resolve the black screen of death issue. It would help if you made the following adjustments to your image and lighting settings.

  • Select all options from the settings menu
  • Now, choose the image from the list
  • Choose the photo mode options
  • Set the image mode to standard now
  • Reduce the backlight and set it to the lowest setting between 10 and 30
  • Set the brightness to 50 percent

These modifications will keep your smart tv backlight from overheating, and you will no longer have an LG tv black screen issue on your LG smart TV.


How to reset an LG TV with a black screen?

To reset a LG TV with a black screen, select all options from the settings menu. Scroll down and click on general then scroll down and click reset to default settings. And click ok.


This is not the same as a black screen produced by a transient malfunction or a backlight issue on an LG television.In this case, consumers see a blank or dark screen on broadcast, but they can still access applications and other settings.

When you switch on your LG TV, you’ll get the LG logo, then no signal, and eventually a black screen, but the applications and settings will still work. To resolve this, follow the instructions below to restore your LG television to factory settings.

  • Select all options from the settings menu
  • Scroll down and click on general
  • Scroll down and click Reset to default settings
  • To confirm, click OK


On the LG TV, there is no reset button. To restore the LG Tv to factory settings, scroll through the settings and select the Reset option.

If you can see the LG logo and access the settings, changing your LG tv firmware may help you with the LG tv black screen issue.

Go to settings, then general, then about this TV, and finally check for updates. To resolve the black screen issue, download and update the most recent firmware for your LG smart TV.


LG TV showing a black screen


Why does the LG TV screen goes black but the sound still works?

The reason your LG TV screen goes black, but the sound still works, could be because of the loose connections.If the connections that link to your TV are loose or not plugged in, this might be the cause of the sound but no picture.


Check the condition of the wires connected to your television as well. Replace any damaged or broken cables immediately and see if this addresses the problem.

Some of the causes of the LG tv black screen are listed below.

  • A transient problem might potentially result in the black screen of death on your LG smart TV
  • Outdated firmware, If your LG tv firmware/software is out of the current, you may see an LG TV black screen
  • If the cables are not correctly placed into the receiver, your LG smart tv may display a blank or glitchy screen
  • A blank screen can also be caused by a hardware fault, such as your smart tv’s backlight not working or a power supply failure


Why is my LG TV screen flashing black on and off?

The reason your LG TV screen is flashing black on and off could be because of the broken cables.A loose or broken cable is causing your LG TV screen to flicker. It’s sometimes a bug or a picturesque setting that has to be adjusted.


Setting your lighting setting too high or activating Energy Saving mode on your LG TV might cause visual difficulties. Finally, faulty internal hardware might be the source of the issue.

  • Reset your LG television
  • Is there a solid explanation for why your screen is flickering
  • There is an error in the system
  • It might be a mistake in the construction of the TV or faulty software
  • It’s as though your television is suffocating
  • You see an error message on your screen

One of such mistakes is the flashing you’re presently seeing. But, happily, it’s a simple repair.


How to reset your LG TV:

  • Unplug your television
  • Allow at least 10 minutes
  • Reconnect your LG TV to the power source

Why should I wait 10 minutes? Most resets instruct you to wait between 20 seconds and 60 seconds. This, however, does not always address the problem. Allowing 110 minutes for your LG TV to recover and recalibrate should be enough.

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