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How to Fix a Black Screen on a VIZIO TV

Why does my Vizio TV have a black screen?

The main reason why a Vizio TV has a black screen is because of corrupt firmware, a faulty port, a damaged HDMI cable or incorrect sleep timer settings.


There are various major causes for a television screen to go out unexpectedly, but the most typical is a breakdown in one of the power supply boards.

In addition to a T-Con board and various other internal parts, a television may feature one or more power supply boards.

While these components may appear difficult, they are rather simple to repair. Before you go out and get the components, you need to figure out what the problem is.

Several issues might be affecting your television. Before doing any repairs, you should narrow down the problem. Begin with a sound test.


Possible causes

  • Muted screen
  • Sleep timer
  • Faulty or incompatible cable
  • Faulty port
  • Firmware bug
  • Processing error
  • Power issues
  • Broken circuit board
  • Broken LCD screen


To fix this:

  • Check all of the power connections in the TV to confirm that the circuits are complete. Please turn off the TV and disconnect it before putting it back on.


Try waiting a few seconds before restarting it. Proceed to the following steps if it does not turn on.

  • Using your remote, try pressing the Menu button. If the TV displays a menu, it is operational. If one of the linked devices has a problem, make sure to unplug anything you don’t need. If not, you must contact Vizio Support.
  • Check to see whether the TV is still producing sound. Please turn it on and try to tune into a station that will almost probably have sound with the volume turned up. If you can hear the sound, there is power. However, it is insufficient.
  • If there is no sound, you should concentrate a spotlight on the LCD/LED screen while it is operating to see if it is working.

If you see pictures on the screen after shining the light, we may have an inverter board problem. The backlight inverter circuit handles the lighting element of the TV, which is responsible for displaying pictures on your screen.


Fix black screen on Vizio TV


How do I fix a Vizio TV black screen?

To fix a Vizio TV black screen, perform a soft reset on your TV, restart your television, remove all extra gadgets, unmute the monitor or change the wall outlet.

We explored some of the probable causes of a black screen on your Vizio TV. Now comes the exciting part, in which we will explain to you how to remedy this problem.


Perform a soft reset on your television

Unplug your television for 60 seconds before plugging it back in. This patch is mentioned in several of my videos since it is so easy but effective.


Restart your television

This is a straightforward yet highly efficient method for resolving several software issues with your television.

  • Turn off the television
  • Unplug your television from the wall
  • For three seconds, press and hold the “On” key on the TV’s bottom
  • Reconnect the TV
  • Restart the television


Remove all extra gadgets

If you have other devices that are connected to your Vizio TV, unhook them all to check if they are causing the problem. Also, instead of utilizing a power strip, connect your TV straight to the wall.


Unmute the monitor

Some VIZIO TVs offer a “Mute Screen” option that enables you to switch off the display if you are using an audio app (such as Spotify) but don’t want the screen to interrupt you. Press the mute option on your control for 3-5 seconds to enable or disable this function.


Change the wall outlet

Sometimes a certain outlet is at fault and does not offer adequate power for the TV; therefore, try this method to resolve the problem.


Examine the wires

First, inspect all of the cords connected to the back of the TV. This will resolve any issues with outside sources (if they caused the problem). Remove all cables before properly attaching them.

Use only high-quality HDMI cables. If the black screen continues and you can still see the menu selections after pressing the remote button, you must unplug and reconnect all external resources. Any temporary difficulties in those devices will be resolved as a result of this.


Replace the batteries in your remote control

This may appear easy, but it has shown to be effective for many individuals I know. Furthermore, you may try unplugging your TV and pressing each button on your remote one by one to ensure that none of them become stuck by mistake.


How to reset a Vizio TV with a black screen?

To reset a Vizio TV with a black screen, unplug the router. On your Vizio remote, press the menu button. Then connect to your Wi-Fi network after completing the setup process on your TV.

A soft reset clears the memory, enables any leftover charge to drain, and resets the device, all of which can easily solve the most of the device’s issues.

As a result, the procedure becomes the first advice made by any technical support representative. It is simple to perform a soft reset.

A hard reset is much the same as turning the clock back to when you originally unpacked the Vizio Smart TV.


A soft reset will generally fix a gadget that is misbehaving or displaying faults. Below we discuss how to do this step-by-step:

  • Unplug the router
  • On your Vizio remote, press the menu button
  • Select OK after navigating to System on the menu
  • Select Reset & Admin, then OK
  • Select OK after selecting Reset TV to Factory Defaults
  • When asked, enter your parental lock code (0000 is the default parental lock code)
  • Choose Reset and then OK
  • Wait till the television shuts off
  • The TV will delete its configuration and restore all data from its cache before returning to the setup page
  • Reconnect your router
  • Connect to your Wi-Fi network after completing the setup process on your TV


Why does the Vizio tv screen goes black but the sound still works?

The reason your Vizio TV screen goes black but sound still works could be because of the backlight malfunctioning.

To repair a Vizio TV that has audio but no picture, run the flashlight test to discover whether the backlight is malfunctioning. If your backlight appears to be working properly, restart your television.

This is especially true if a glitch produces problems in the TV’s systems that you can solve yourself.

Another explanation you have this problem is because the boards may have been destroyed by a power surge caused by a main electrical fluctuation.


Perform The Flashlight Test

The flashlight test duplicates your TV’s backlight, but just on a section of the screen.

This should be enough to determine if the problem is with your backlight or the display matrix itself.

To do the flashlight test, follow the instructions below:

  • Obtain a reasonably strong flashlight
  • Turn on the television
  • Turn off your room’s lights. Make it as dark as you can
  • Turn on the flashlight and hold it about an inch away from the screen
  • Examine the screen to see if you can spot a picture
  • Examine the screen with the flashlight to see if you can see anything
  • If you can, your backlight is defective and may need to be replaced
  • If you can’t see anything, there might be a problem with the display matrix

Once you’ve determined that the backlight is the source of your problem, contact Vizio support.


Why is my Vizio TV screen flashing black on and off?

The reason why your Vizio TV screen flashes black on and off could be related to your TV’s visual settings. The first thing you should attempt is to reset the camera’s photo mode.

On your remote, press the MENU button, then select PICTURE > Additional > Change picture mode. Don’t stress if you don’t see this setting on your Vizio TV model; there are many other settings you may check.

  • Reinstall all cable and device attachments to the television. Disconnect and reconnect the cords from both the tv and the device
  • Examine your Vizio TV’s Advanced Video options. Under the Advanced Video options on some of our Vizio televisions, you may change the following parameters:
  • Lighting in the environment
  • Controlling the backlight
  • Luma adaptive advanced
  • If any of these settings are accessible to you, please disable them all to see if this addresses the display flickering

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