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How to Fix a Loose Laptop Charging Port (STEPS)

Loose laptop charging port

How to Fix a Loose Laptop Charging Port

To fix a loose charging port on a laptop, you need to replace the AC power input jack from inside the laptop.

Before taking any action, first, confirm that it’s the charging port’s fault. A loose connection may also occur from the motherboard or the charger cable.

If you continue forcing the charger into the port frequently, then indeed the port will become a faulty one.

And if you are sure that it’s the charging port that is faulty, then follow the steps written down below, and see if it helps.

  1. First thing first, you need to discover the laptop’s SKU number so that you can easily find out the service manual for your laptop. 
  2. Now undo the entire screws and release the lid.
  3. Then separate your keyboard from the laptop and unlock all the wires and cables from the side of your laptop’s motherboard. Also, slide out the optical drive.
  4. After sliding out the optical drive, flip the laptop and find out if anywhere any screws are left which are holding the shell and unscrew them.
  5. Now take a slim but strong object like a credit card and open the laptop’s top and bottom shell. 
  6. Now very gently separate the bottom shell.
  7. Focus on the left hinge as now you are going to tilt the laptop lid open in a direction which is not directed to the motherboard.
  8. Disconnect the AC power input jack from the motherboard. Inspect in very thoroughly and find out the part number. 
  9. Now it will be easier to order a replacement part.
  10. Once the new part arrives, simple reversed the above steps and put your laptop together
  11. Turn on your laptop after charging the battery with the help of your AC adapter.

Sometimes a long-term accommodation of dust in the charging port can give birth to this kind of problem. Try cleaning it up yourself or take it to the service center.


Can I Repair a loose Laptop Charging Port?

If you have skills, then you can, and if you don’t have, then you must visit the service centre as soon as possible.

  • If it is either the plug or cable which transfers the power supply, then you can just buy another one. Because if you somehow fix the power adapter, it will not stay very long
  • If it’s not that power adapter, then it can be the laptop’s internal jack. Which also needs to be replaced
  • If the power jack has become loose, then you will need soldering iron in order to reattach it with the motherboard. But if the power jack not only loosen up but also damaged then replacement would be a good option.

Multiple solutions are depending on the root cause of the problem, which is why, at first, you need to find out the reason and make sure if it is the charging port or something else.


What is the cost of repairing a damaged laptop charging port?

The replacement cost of a laptop’s charging port completely depends on the brand and model of your computer.

Some parts are easily replaceable with a 1 or 2-hour work within $8, but some other parts are directly connected to the motherboard. So any damage in those parts may require changing the entire motherboard.

Similarly, some charging jacks are located in such a position inside the laptop that the whole laptop will have to be disassembled just to replace that port or fix it.

As a result, the labor cost will be higher only than the replacement cost.

Generally, the cost of replacing the jack or port would be around $100, but depending on the situation, it can reach up to $350.

Even some models have their charging port keep breaking all the time. It happens because the port or jack is connected with lots of complications, and the cost can be up to $65.


How to Test Laptop Charging Port

You may face the following situations if your laptop has a hard time to charge up;

  • The battery is reducing continuously even though charger is plugged in
  • The power light or the battery light is not turning on connecting the charger
  • You are unable to power up your laptop
  • Windows is giving you message that your battery is not charging


Check the laptop charger

Use a multimeter to check if your laptop charger is working correctly. If the charger is working, then move ahead to the next step, and if it is not working, then replace it.


Battery charging circuit

Now you will be testing the pins which are connected to the battery. You need to be very careful while running these days because if any of the pins are shorted, then your laptop’s motherboard will be damaged.

If the battery circuit is working correctly and sending the correct voltage, the problem is most likely with the battery. 


DC Jack

The port where you plug in your charger cable is DC Jack. Because DC Jacks are used a lot, breaking or damaging it is a very common problem.

Apart from clearing dust from Jack, you cannot do much from the outside. You need to open your laptop and examine the issue from inside.


How to Replace a Broken Laptop Charging Port

The following steps will guide you so that you can replace the charging port correctly.



As you are doing the process yourself, first check out a few videos on the Internet and see how your DC Jack is supposed to be and ensure that your DC Jack is damaged.


Things you need

  • Soldering iron
  • Multimeter
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Tiny screwdrivers
  • New DC Jack
  • Disposable cups
  • Thermal compound
  • Isopropanol
  • Desoldering braid


  1. Map

When you are disassembling your laptop, you will find lots of screws, and maybe some of them are hidden. So first, draw a map on a paper on the location of the screw.


  1. Opening up

Remove the optical drive, hard drive battery, and the other things you need to remove. After removing the screws, put them into separate cups so that reassembling can be more manageable.


  1. Plate connector

You need to be very gentle while removing the plate connector. Then detach all the wires and cables which are attached to the plate.


  1. Keyboard and plate

Now it’s time to remove the keyboard by unscrewing the particular screws. Also, remove the LCD.


  1. Exoskeleton and endoskeleton

Next, you will be removing the plastic exoskeleton and endoskeleton.


  1. Remove old DC Jack

Now you will see the circuit board for DC power. Remove the jack.


  1. New DC power jack

Just like you removed the old DC power jack, reverse the steps and put the new one in place.


  1. Put your laptop together

You may reverse the above steps to reassemble your laptop, but before placing the endoskeleton in place, clean up the thermal compound.

Finally, turn your laptop on and remember to use an AC adapter. 


HP laptop charger port is loose

Here is the step by step guide of changing the loose charger port from the HP laptop;

  1. Remove battery
  2. From the battery cover to HDD cover, remove all the covers from the back of your HP laptop
  3. Remove all the screws
  4. Detach all the wires and cables
  5. Remove the screws where the antennas were attached
  6. Flip your laptop to the front, open it, and gently pry open the plastic bar located above the keyboard.
  7. Take off the keyboard and along with that, carefully remove the ribbon cable and other wires
  8. Disconnect all the Wi-Fi works and then the connector from the Fort located beside the metal tabs
  9. At the top right and left corner, you will see black screws; remove them. Now you can separate the screen part of the laptop from the keyboard part.
  10. Now remove the motherboard, optical drive, and express card.
  11. Locate the charging ports and remove it.

Reverse the above steps after attaching the new charging port. 


Lenovo laptop charger port is loose

Loosening up the charger port is a very common problem as the sport is the most used one. You can easily find a manual that will guide you step by step, and you can change your charging port. But there can be other solutions than replacing it.

  1. If you have noticed the socket closely, you may have seen a plastic or rubber material around the inside space of the port. Maybe replacing it can fix the problem.
  2. Tighten up the Jack through using the scotch tape’s thin strip. Using it only at one side will do the work.
  3. The charging port is the open space of a laptop. So dust can be easily accommodated in it, even if you are using the laptop every day. You may see dost in the spaces around the charging port, which are open but unused. Now, clean the dirt with any painting brush.

Replacing the charging port of a Lenovo laptop will not cost you very much. So if you don’t like any hassle, then visit your nearest Lenovo service centre and get your job done quickly.


Asus laptop charger port is not working

If your laptop is not charging, then it is not always a problem with the charger port. Try the following fixes and see if your problem can be fixed:


Hardware issues

If your Asus laptop is consuming battery even after logging in to the charger, then maybe the problem lies with the hardware. First, make sure to connect your AC adapter correctly and tightly. If still, it’s not working, then perhaps the AC adaptor is damaged. At first, troubleshoot hardware issues then try a new AC adapter.


Battery driver

Before changing the battery or the charging port, make sure all of your battery drivers are up to date.


Power reset

Perform a power reset and see if the issue is still intact or not.


Asus battery health charging

Another possible troubleshooting you can perform before changing either battery or the charging port. Make sure your battery health mode is set to full capacity.

The feature, “Asus battery health charging” can specifically found in Asus laptops.

There are three options, full capacity mode, maximum lifespan mode, and balanced mode. Setting it to the full capacity mode may solve your problem.

If any of the above does not work, then first visit the service centre and make sure there is no other option left than changing the battery or the charging port.


Acer aspire laptop charger port is not working

  1. The reason for this problem may be internal. This means, somehow, one cable or two, you have been separated from its place. If this is the situation, get ready to open your laptop up and fix it.
  2. Another possible reason is that maybe the outer electrode has weakened. It can be more complicated to fix than changing or repairing any internal cable.
  3. Check the AC adaptor with the help of a multimeter and see if it is transferring proper voltage. Maybe changing the AC adaptor can solve the charging issues
  4. Make sure the battery is alright. Try fixing the problem by updating battery drivers.
  5. Does the hardware heat up? Check if the heatsink is working correctly and replace the thermal compound. Maybe it can solve the charging problem.

If even after replacing the laptop charger, the Acer Aspire laptop is still facing charging issues then it’s time to replace the charging port. Find out the laptop’s SKU number and then find the manual of changing the charging port, particularly for your laptop.

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