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How to Disconnect your TV from Wi-Fi (All Models)

Disconnecting WIFI on TV

Why Won’t My TV Disconnect from Wi-Fi?

You have to disconnect the TV from Wi-Fi manually. It does not happen automatically. The only situation when the TV will get disconnected from the Wi-Fi will be when the Wi-Fi connection is not working for any reason.

  • If you have registered the Wi-Fi connection to your TV once, it remembers the connection. Every time you switch the TV ON, the Wi-Fi connection will also be activated.
  • You have to go to the Settings menu on your TV to disconnect the TV from Wi-Fi.
  • This action varies with the different brands/models of TV; go through your TV’s manual to check this.
  • If you have connected your TV to the internet through a wired router, you have to disconnect by unplugging the wire from the TV.


Smart TVs come with built-in Wi-Fi capability

Smart TVs of almost all brands come with the feature to connect to a Wi-Fi router. The connection can be made using the TV’s remote.

The process is the same as you would do with a smartphone. You need to go to Settings and select your Wi-Fi name and input the password using the virtual keyboard that will appear on the TV screen.

For disconnecting the Wi-Fi from your smartphone, one tap on the Wi-Fi icon on the home screen is sufficient. With the TV, it is more elaborate. Unless you follow these steps, the TV won’t disconnect from Wi-Fi.


If it is a Wired Connection to the Internet

If it is not a Wi-Fi connection but a wired one using an Ethernet cable and a router provided by your service provider, then the TV can be disconnected from the internet only when the cable plugged to the TV is removed.


Procedure Can Change with the Model

The steps to disconnect your TV from Wi-Fi can differ with the make or brand of the TV and you have to follow these steps correctly to disconnect the TV from the Wi-Fi.


How can I Disconnect My TV from Wi-Fi?

Some quick ways to disconnect a few brands from the Wi-Fi are given here.

Samsung: On your Samsung Smart TV press Menu on the TV remote and keep moving the cursor down till you find Settings. Within Settings, there will be Wireless Settings. Select this and press OK on the remote. There will be an ON/OFF toggle. Select OFF and the Wi-Fi will be disconnected.

Sony: Start with the Home button on the remote that takes you to the Menu from where you have to go to Settings. Next, select Network. Go to Advanced Settings there where the menu for built-in Wi-Fi can be found; turn it OFF.

Vizio: Many people own the VizioSmart TV. This TV has a VIA Plus interface. Go to the Menu option and select the VIA Plus interface followed by Settings and System, in that order. You will find the option Smart Interactivity. Turning this OFF will result in the Wi-Fi being disconnected from your TV.

If you have doubts, consult the user manual that came with the TV when you made the purchase.


How to Disconnect the TV from Wi-Fi without using a Remote

The only way to disconnect the TV from Wi-Fi without a remote is by downloading the appropriate app on your mobile phone and using it as the remote.

Most modern televisions have very few physical buttons on them. All changes are made through the onscreen Menu controlled by a remote. Losing the TV remote is quite common in many households. In a few cases, the remote may breakdown or some of the buttons may stop functioning.

When that happens, you have to make changes in the TV only by converting your smartphone into a remote. Interestingly, many top TV brands have developed their apps which can be downloaded and used. These apps are available on the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store.

There are apps independent of the manufacturers as well. One requirement is that the smartphone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV. Once downloaded and installed, you can open the app and pair the devices so that they recognize each other and perform the handshake.

You can perform almost all the functions that you will do with the remote, with the App. The virtual buttons appear on the screen. Some of these apps even allow you to use voice commands to make changes to your TV, like the Amazon Fire Stick.

If you get an incoming call on your mobile while watching TV, the app will automatically mute the TV and connect you to the call.

Disconnecting the Wi-Fi from your TV can also be done by using the app.

Another option is to order and keep a universal remote in store for such emergencies.


How to Disconnect Vizio TV from Wi-Fi

The following are the steps to disconnect Vizio TV from Wi-Fi.

  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote.
  • Navigate to the System option in the Menu by using the arrow buttons on the remote.
  • Once you go to System, press OK.
  • The next option to select is Reset & Admin; press OK.
  • You can choose the Reset TV to Factory Defaults option from the Menu.
  • Press OK when the Reset Menu option is highlighted.
  • Your TV may switch OFF and come back ON again, minus the Wi-Fi connectivity.


How to Disconnect Samsung Smart TV from Wi-Fi

You have to use the remote unit of your Samsung Smart TV to disconnect the Wi-Fi:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote with your TV turned on.
  2. The TV screen will display a long list of options; scroll down to System.
  3. The next screen will again have multiple options; keep scrolling down till you find General and select it.
  4. Find the entry Samsung Instant ON and select it.
  5. There will be two options, ON and OFF; select OFF.
  6. This will disconnect the Wi-Fi running on your Samsung Smart TV.

There are a couple of other ways to disconnect the Wi-Fi from your Samsung Smart TV. One is to do a factory reset. This will mean removing any previous settings including the connection to the Wi-Fi network.

The other option is to try and add another network which need not be an actual network. This is how you can go about this:

  1. Go to wireless networks using the TV remote.
  2. You will find the list of available networks displayed.
  3. You can now type in a new name, not on the list.
  4. Select Open when asked to choose the security type.
  5. You will find the TV search for the network that you created.
  6. The display at the end will show in all the fields.
  7. At this stage turn the TV OFF.
  8. When you switch ON the TV again, it may do a brief search for a network.
  9. Once this search is over, there will be no Wi-Fi connection to your Samsung Smart TV.


How to Disable Roku TV from Wi-Fi

The following are the steps to disconnect your Roku TV from Wi-Fi:

  • First, go to Settings.
  • Choose the option System and press OK.
  • Within that, choose Advanced System Settings.
  • Now, select Network Connection Reset.
  • That will do the trick; your Roku TV will now be disconnected from the Wi-Fi.

The Roku TV will reboot on its own.

How to Disable LG TV from Wi-Fi

Most models of LG TV have a default Wi-Fi feature and once you have established the connection to your Wi-Fi network, it will stay connected. There is no facility to disable the Wi-Fi feature on the TV.

Some higher-end TV models that have come out recently may have a switch above the Wi-Fi icon which can be used to disable Wi-Fi or to switch it OFF.

The other option available to disable Wi-Fi from your LG TV is to connect an Ethernet cable to the TV. The TV is designed to operate in a binary option, wired or wireless. Once you connect to the Ethernet it becomes a wired internet connection and the Wi-Fi part will not function.

LG 86 SJ957T is an LG TV model you can try this step on. You can try the following steps:

  1. Let the Ethernet cable stay connected.
  2. Go to the Wi-Fi connection Menu on your LG TV and select the Edit button.
  3. Now uncheck all the boxes appearing on this screen, including the option Auto-connect.
  4. No box should remain checked; all must be blank.
  5. This will ensure you have no Wi-Fi and only the Ethernet connection remains.


How to Disconnect Hisense TV from Wi-Fi

Hisense TV has almost similar Menu options as the other TVs. You can use your remote to reach the Quick Setup screen in Settings and select All appearing on the list. On the next page you will have Picture, Sound, etc. and then Network.

Once there, you have the first Menu option that shows Network Configuration. When you go into this, you have three options against connection type: Ethernet, Wireless, and OFF. Select OFF and come back to the main screen. You will see that the Wi-Fi facility is not available on your Hisense TV now.


How to Disconnect Sony TV from Wi-Fi?

You can use the remote to disconnect your Sony TV from Wi-Fi. The following steps are found to be good for the Bravia models but should also work in the other models, but with minor changes.

The steps are as given below.

  1. From the remote, press the Home button to display the Apps page on the TV screen.
  2. Keep scrolling down to reach Settings.
  3. On the Settings menu, you have to scroll down until you reach Network.
  4. Press OK; the Network dialogue will open up and the first option will be Network setup.
  5. Press OK when you reach there; there will be two options; Easy and Expert.
  6. Select Expert and press OK.
  7. On the next page, you will see Wi-Fi right on top and with an ON-OFF toggle.
  8. If you find the toggle to the right side, the Wi-Fi is ON.
  9. If you click OK on the remote on this, you will get a display Built-in Wi-Fi and the action Turning built-in Wi-Fi OFF.
  10. Now your Sony TV’s Wi-Fi is disconnected.


How to Disable TLC TV from Wi-Fi

The following steps can be tried to disable the Wi-Fi facility in your TCL Android TV:

  1. Use the remote to reach the wheel icon of Settings on the top right corner of the TCL TV screen.
  2. You will find Network as the very first entry under Settings.
  3. When you click on it, the Network page opens with Wi-Fi as the top entry.
  4. You will find the ON-OFF toggle in front of it.
  5. If you find it in the ON position, click on it to switch it OFF.

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