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How to Fix Static/Buzz Noise on AirPods Max

Why are my AirPods Max headphones making a weird noise?

The main reason why AirPods Max headphones make a weird noise is because you are running on outdated software, or the paired device has a weak connection.


There are other reasons as well that may cause your AirPods Max to make weird sounds, disrupting the audio quality:

  • Your jewelry may cause a weird noise in the AirPods
  • The vibrations in your body cause static/buzzing noise in the headset
  • Outdated software is the main reason for weird sounds in the AirPods
  • Static noise is created in the AirPods when they are not paired correctly with the device
  • Hardware issues or external damage may cause strange sounds in the headset


Your jewelry may cause a weird noise in the AirPods

If your jewelry is the main culprit, you will hear a weird noise when walking. When you walk, your earrings brush against the ear pads. This movement will cause a weird static-like noise in the headset.


The vibrations in your body cause static/buzzing noise in the AirPods

Since the headset is famous for its noise-canceling feature, many people use it when jogging or exercising. The feature helps them block away from all background noise. This feature also detects your body’s sound when it’s in motion. And it is why you hear weird sounds when you are moving.


Outdated software is the main reason for weird sounds in the AirPods

Apple sends constant reminders to users to get their software updated. Delays in the update process often cause the headset to perform well below its efficiency levels.


Static noise is created in the AirPods when they are not paired correctly with the device

If there was any interference when the pairing process was in progress, there are chances that the device couldn’t connect with the headset properly.Check if the device is paired properly.


Hardware issues or external damage may cause strange sounds

Old headsets often face this problem. The prolonged use damages their wires and other vital components for their smooth running. You should check them if you suspect any damage.


AirPods Max making noises


Why AirPods Max are making a crackling noise?

The main reason why AirPods Max headphones are making a crackling noise is because of electronic interference which can block the Bluetooth connection.


How to Fix Crackling Noise on AirPods Max headphones

To fix crackling noises on you AirPods Max device you should update the software, restart bluetooth settings and turn off any nearby electrical devices which may be intefering with the connection.


Software Update [Method 1]

Updated software is essential for the smooth working of the AirPods Pro headset. You will have to follow the following steps tofix the problem:

  1. Go to the headsets’ app.
  2. Check for any updates.
  3. Accept updates and follow on-screen instructions.


Turn off Electrical Gadgets [Method 2]

WiFi routers, keyboards, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices cause interference in the signals. To fix the issue:

  1. Find out which electrical gadget is causing the interference.
  2. Turn off all the devices and then turn them on one by one.
  3. Check which device is causing the interruption and turn it off.


Turn off and Restart Bluetooth [Method 3]

Undetected problems in the Bluetooth connection also lead to crackling noise. The following method helps resolve the issue:

  1. Go to Settings and tap Bluetooth
  2. Turn it off for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Turn it on again and pair it with earbuds


Check the Distance with the Device [Method 4]

Don’t get out of the Bluetooth range if you want the device to work well. Just because the headset is wireless, it doesn’t mean that you forget about your device.

  1. Keep the device in your pocket all the time.
  2. See that the maximum distance between your device and the headset is a little below 30feet.


Bonus Tip

Apple has acknowledged that most of its users experience crackling noise in their headsets. It has drafted an entire document to help people resolve the issue. You can download it from Apple’s website.


Why is my AirPods Max Making Static Noise?

Bad connectivity, improper connections, faulty wires, or unclean ear muffs are the main factors behind static noise in the headset.


How to Fix Static Noise on AirPods Max

Do you need a replacement if you observe these problems in your earbuds? Apple serves you well if you claim for replacement.

However, before going through the hassle of getting the product exchanged, you may try the following methods to help resolve the issue.


CheckAudio Source [Method 1]

There is a big possibility that the problem lies in the app that you are using as your audio source. In that case:

  1. Turn off the app.
  2. Select another app and see the sound quality.
  3. If there is a marked difference, you will know that the problem was in the app, not the headset.


Device’s Compatibility [Method 2]

If you use the Apple headset with a non-Apple device, some issues may arise. Even though the device works perfectly well with other phones and computers as well, there may be cases where the headset makes weird sounds. In that case:

  1. Unpair the headset.
  2. Pair it with another device – ideally an Apple device.
  3. See if it works.
  4. If yes, it shows that the problem is a lack of compatibility between the device and the headset.


Unpair the Headset [Method 3]

Static noise in the phone may be caused by the environment you are exposed to. Moving to another place helps fix the problem as well. But just moving out of the place won’t help solve the problem. You will have to unpair the device and repair it for its smooth working.

  1. Go to the Settings option on your device and click the Bluetooth button.
  2. Forget your earbuds from the device.
  3. Send a confirmation through a pop-up message that you want to unpair the device.
  4. Wait for 15 seconds or less.
  5. Pair the headset back with the device.


How to Fix High Pitched Noise on AirPods Max

Many AirPods users have complained about high-pitched noise in the headset after updating it. The problem can be resolved by:

  1. Reverting to the previous version of the software
  2. If the issue doesn’t resolve, you should take it to Apple support care and get it replaced – if the replacement is covered under warranty.


Why are my Galaxy Buds Pro Making a Buzzing Noise?

Buzzing noise is caused if the software of the headset or the device is not updated.


You can resolve the issue by:

  1. Updating the software of the device to which the headset is connected
  2. Updating the software of the headset.


Why is my AirPods Max Making a Hissing Noise?

Moisture buildup in the headset results in a hissing noise. This moisture is caused by the humidity in the air or a wearer’s sweat when exercising or out walking.


To fix the problem, you should:

  1. Remove the earpads from the headset.
  2. Use a cotton ball to clear the moisture.
  3. Use putty tape to “seal” points that may let the moisture enter.


AirPods Max Static Noise in the Left Ear

Static noise in the headset can disturb you quite a lot. The reason for this sound may vary. You may experience static sounds if your headset is not updated.


Try the following steps to fix it:

  1. Update the software of the headset.
  2. Also, update the device and other apps.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth and then turn them on.
  4. Check if there is some debris in the headset. Clear it with the help of the alcohol swab and lint-free cloth.


AirPods MaxStatic Noise in the Right Ear

If you observe static noise in the right ear of the headset while working, you should know that it might be because of some debris or moisture in the earpads.


This issue can be fixed by:

  1. Clearing the space of any electronic devices may cause an interruption in the signals.
  2. Cleaning the headset with the help of a cotton ball and removing all the debris and earwax.
  3. Resetting the headset.
  4. Updating the AirPods to ensure that they are being run on the latest software.


How Do I Turn on Noise Canceling on AirPods Max?

The active noise cancelation feature is easy to turn on, you need to do the following:

  1. Press the noise control button on the headset.
  2. Hold it until you see additional controls.
  3. In the lower-left corner, you may find the Noise Control icon.
  4. Tap Noise Cancelation on it.


Why is my AirPods Max ANC not working?

If the active noise cancelation feature is not working, you should follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you have the latest software update on your phone.
  2. Wear the headset and see if the active noise cancelation feature is on.
  3. Also, see that there is no debris or ear wax buildup in the headset. If there is some dust in them, clear them with the help of a lint-free cloth.

In case the problem doesn’t get resolved, you should refer to Apple Support care and ask for a replacement.

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