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How to Fix “Server Unreachable” when Making a Phone Call

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Why is my Mobile Phone showing the message “Server Unreachable”?

The main reason why a mobile phone is showing a server unreachable message is because the phone is not connected to a network. A phone that has a low signal or no signal at all can occur when your network provider has an outage in your area.

If you get a “server unreachable” error when trying to make a call, try again. If it still doesn’t work after 30 minutes, try calling from another phone or contact your cellular provider.

You might also see something wrong with your phone, like too many apps running in the background or low battery power. 

These issues can stop any service from working on Facebook, such as opening Instagram posts because they are still trying to load but cannot due to lack of connection 3G/4G LTE or 5G networks.


Causes of a server is unreachable error on mobile phones:

  1. Your phone is not connected to the internet. 
  2. You have a weak signal or no signal at all. 
  3. The server is down due to technical difficulties. 
  4. Your network provider has an outage in your area, and you need to wait for it to be fixed.
  5. You are using a VPN that is not working with the app you’re trying to use.
  6. There’s something wrong with your phone, like too many apps running in the background.

The error message “server unreachable” appears when there is a problem with the phone’s connection to its carrier. This could be because of an issue on your end, or it might mean that something happened at the provider’s end.

For some reason (high call volume), to process any more incoming calls from customers like you right now, please try again later. 


The most common causes of the server unreachable message is often include a lousy phone cellular signal.


  1. The phone call is being blocked by the caller.
  2. The person you’re trying to reach might have changed their number. 
  3. You don’t have a good enough signal (try calling from another location).  
  4. Your carrier might be experiencing problems with its network.
  5. The phone call may have been dropped temporarily.
  6. You might be in an area with no service. 
  7. Your phone’s battery could be too low, or your SIM card could be defective.


What does  “server unreachable” mean on a mobile phone?

When the signal is weak or line-of-sight from the cell tower to the phone is blocked, the error message “server unreachable” can show on your mobile phone.

  1. There could be a problem with your phone’s connection to the network 
  2. Your SIM card might not be inserted properly 
  3. You may need to update your software on your phone 
  4. The number you are trying to reach may have been disconnected
  5. Your phone might be in airplane mode 
  6. The SIM card may not be inserted properly, or it could be damaged. 
  7. You are out of service range for your carrier

Particular areas where service providers have limited coverage area; or interference from buildings and trees blocking line-of-sight between cell towers can lead to a weak connection that will result in this error being displayed when trying to make calls.

Other possible reasons may also exist depending upon what type of phone you have. If the error is displayed when trying to make a call, it may be that your SIM card needs replacing or updating with new information from service providers. 

This can happen if there’s been an interruption in signal coverage for some time and then suddenly restored (elevated calls volume). 

If a “server unreachable” message appears on-screen while browsing internet pages but not during voice communication attempts such as making/receiving telephone conversations – please contact customer support immediately!


How to fix the server unreachable message on a mobile phone

If you are having trouble making a call with your mobile phone, the most likely cause is that there’s an interruption in signal coverage. This can happen if service providers have been experiencing some issues and then suddenly restored such as (high calls volume). 

If this doesn’t solve it for whatever reason or type of error message appears on screen while browsing internet pages but not during voice communication attempts such as telephone conversations -please contact customer support immediately! 


The following steps may help to fix server messages:

First you should check whether other devices/phones around you are working properly. If other phones are working then try the below steps on the phone that has the server unreachable message:

  1. Check to see if mobile data setting is turned on
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Check for a software update on your phone
  4. Check the IP address of your phone 
  5. Make sure that you are connected to a WiFi network or cellular data. 
  6. Try to connect to a different network or restart your device 
  7. Contact your service provider of the network 


Why does my iPhone say unreachable server message when I try to make a call?

 Make sure you’re connected to the internet, restart your phone, and then check again.

  1. Turn on the Mobile data
  2. Check for software updates on the device.
  3. Contact the provider of the network that is not working correctly.
  4. Turn off your iPhone and then turn it back on.

If all else fails, you can connect the phone to your Wi-Fi network instead of the cellular data connection.


Turning off and restarting a iPhone

Turn off and Restart iPhone or iPad) by pressing the power button on top of the device for a few seconds. Press & hold Home Button until the Apple logo appears.

If the problem persists, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network instead of a cellular data connection if the issue is with internet connectivity or the provider’s end.

  • Phone says server unreachable message when trying to make a phone call because the network is down or unavailable.
  • iPhone will show a server unreachable message if there’s a problem with your carrier, such as no signal in your area.
  • iPhone says server unreachable message when you’re using an International SIM card and are not in the country it belongs to.
  • There could be an issue with the phone carrier’s service.


Why does my Samsung Galaxy phone say server unreachable message?

Your Samsung Galaxy phone may being showing a “server unreachable” message because the phone has lost cellular or Wi-Fi signal. 

The reason for this is because the DNS servers are not working correctly. To fix this, go to Settings > WiFi and select your home network Select Advanced options > DNS settings and enter as the primary and as the secondary DNS server.

If you have an Android phone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure that the smartphone is not set to “forget” the Wi-Fi network.

If you’re using an international SIM card, make sure that country code matches where you are located. Alternative you can call your carrier before using any data roaming services as charges may apply


Why does my phone say server unreachable Verizon?

The first thing you should do is check your phone’s coverage map. If the area where it says “server unreachable” on a call has full bars, then there may be an issue with that particular tower or cell site and not necessarily something wrong at Verizon Wireless’ end of things

How to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check your phone’s data settings 
  2. Call Verizon customer service at 1-800-922-0204 to check if there are any issues with your account.
  3. Reset your network settings
  4. The server is down 
  5. You are not connected to the internet. 
  6. Verizon’s network is experiencing problems.


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