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Phone is Not Vibrating when I get a Message/Call/Notification

Phone not vibrating when getting a message

Why is my phone not vibrating?

A phone not vibrating can be either because the vibration setting is turned off, or because the vibration motor is damaged.

You can simply reset the phone. Also, if these steps do not help, you can erase the phone settings and install an updated phone OS version.

In case none of these things work, the chances are that the vibrator motor is not working.

For those, you need to take the phone to be repaired or replace the motor in the repair center.


Why is my phone not vibrating when I get a Text Message?

A phone may not vibrate when receiving a text message because of incorrect settings or hardware issues. The fix is to check the profile settings and notification settings of the phone.

The problem tends to be a very common one among the mobile phone users. When you receive a text message and suddenly you see that the phone did not vibrate.



  • The vibration choice in the settings is set to none.
  • The messaging apps’ vibration settings are off.
  • There is a hardware problem.


  • The vibration motor is broken.
  • The vibration settings in sounds and haptics are set to none.
  • The vibration pattern is set to none.



  • Go to the settings, then to the sounds and notifications, and check if the vibration is on.
  • Go to the messaging menu, then to settings of messaging app, and switch on the vibration.
  • Switch off the LED option.



  • Flip the vibration switch off the phone. Each time on, going from silent to ring and back, it should vibrate. If it does not, then the vibration motor is faulty.
  • Go to sounds and haptics and check the vibrations mode in both ring and silent. It should be on.
  • Check the vibration pattern in settings and select one.


Why is my phone not vibrating when I get a Call?

A phone may no vibrate when receiving a call because of incorrect settings or issues with the vibration motor.

When the phone is on silent, it must vibrate. If the phone does not vibrate, then you might miss an important call.

Many times both Android and iPhones tend to have trouble with vibrations.


  • The vibration settings could be off.
  • The vibration motor is broken.
  • The iOS version is outdated.
  • Hardware problem.



  • First, check if the vibration mode for the phone is switched on. Go to settings, then sounds and notifications and make changes accordingly. Make sure the phone is set to vibrate, even while on silent.
  • Install any handy app that helps in activating the vibrations. Check the vibration.
  • Reset the phone to its factory settings.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Give a vibration check in safe mode (switch off the phone and then after 30 seconds, hold the power, volume up and down button and press). If it vibrates, then there is no hardware issue. But it still can be a software issue.
  • Check the app’s settings and if required uninstall them to see if the vibration has returned.
  • Update the device’s Android version to the latest one.



  • The very first thing to do is to check the settings of vibrations. Go to the settings, then to sounds and haptics, and check the vibrations settings. It should be on for both “vibrate on silent” and “vibrate on ring.” Also, set a vibration pattern and remove it from “none.”
  • You can update the iOS version to the latest version if available.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Reset the phone to its original settings. (Settings – general – reset – reset all settings)
  • Back up the phone and then erase the phone. (Settings – general – reset – erase all contents)
  • Take the phone to the service center.


Why is my phone not vibrating when I get a Notification?

If the phone is on silent, then it is very crucial to keep the vibration mode on. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you might miss an important notification.

However, if the vibration is off or is not working, then the chances are that it either a settings problem or software or hardware issue.



  • Maybe the phone’s vibrations settings are not put to vibrate.
  • The phone is on the “do not disturb” mode.
  • There is a software or hardware issue.

There is a problem with the phone’s app.



  • Check if “do not disturb” is on. If it is, then switch it off.
  • Go to settings and then to sounds and notifications, and check the vibrations mode. Make sure vibrations are on for both ring and silent.
  • Go to the app from which the notification is vibrating. Check the settings and manage the notifications. If possible, uninstall the app and then reinstall.
  • Reset the phone.
  • Install a notification app, to get vibrating notifications.



  • Check the settings and put the phone on vibration mode.
  • Check the vibration motor, by toggling the vibration button. If on toggling the button, the phone does not vibrate, then the motor must be damaged.
  • Reset the phone to its base settings.
  • Restore the phone, by backing up the data into iCloud or iPhone.


How do I fix my Android phone that’s not vibrating?

If the Android phone is not vibrating, then the first thing to do is to check settings and check if the vibrations mode is on. Other than this, you can reboot the phone or can update it to its latest android version.

The issue can be about any setting trouble or can be software problems. However, if after fixing all software and settings issues, the phone is still not vibrating. Then it might be a hardware issue, it is better to take it to the service center.


How to fix:

  • Go to the settings

Check the sounds and notifications of the phone. Make sure the vibration toggle is on, in both ring and silent mode.


  • Restart the phone
  1. Long press the power button.
  2. Choose restart or reboot option.
  3. If the phone allows, remove the battery.
  4. Again switch the phone on.


  • Empty the cache

It is very easy to wipe the cache manually.

  1. Switch the phone off
  2. Now press the home key, power key and volume up key.
  3. Now the phone will vibrate and there will an option to wipe the cache.
  4. Click on it and then switch the phone on.


  • Update the software
  1. Go to the settings
  2. Then go to the system update option menu
  3. Click on the update to get the OS updated.


  • Dial *#0*#

Dial *#0*# and click on the vibrate option. This will help in checking if the vibrating motor of the phone is working.

If the motor is not working, then take it to the repair center as it is a hardware issue.


How do I fix my iPhone that’s not vibrating?

Usually, if the iPhone is not vibrating on notifications, then the problem is something related to the hardware or the software. There are some general fixes and solutions that can solve the issue. However, if the problem persists then it is better to get expert help.


  • Tap the phone

Many times, tapping the phone screen lightly can fix the issue. This is because the vibration programs get into a glitch and tapping helps.


  • Silent/ring toggle check
  1. To make the phone go from ring to silent, there is a toggle on the phone’s side.
  2. First, clean the toggle and make sure there is no dust in it.
  3. Now, switch the toggle two to three times.
  4. Every time, the toggle goes from one mode to another, it should vibrate.
  5. If it does not, then maybe the motor is broken.
  6. Get it fixed.


  • Vibration pattern
  1. Go to the settings
  2. Then navigate sounds and then to vibration
  3. Check the vibration pattern and remove it from “none”.
  4. Set a vibration pattern.


  • Do not disturb
  1. Check the top left of the phone. If you see a moon sign, then the phone is in do not disturb.
  2. Swipe up to open the control center. Click on do not disturb button to disable it.
  3. Or, go to settings and click on the green button of do not disturb, to turn it gray (disabled).


  • Reset the phone
  1. Go to settings, and then to general.
  2. Click on the reset to reset the phone without losing any data.
  3. Click on the confirmation dialogue box to bring the phone to factory settings.


  • Restore the phone
  1. Download iTunes to back up the data in iCloud.
  2. Connect the phone to the computer.
  3. Select the restore phone option.
  4. This will restore the phone by updating the iOS software.


Galaxy s10 not vibrating for texts

Many times, Galaxy S10 might show problems regarding its vibration. It may vibrate while getting calls, but may not do the same while getting a text message. Check the settings and make sure that the phone is having the right vibration settings turned on.

This can be due to software issues or due to hardware issues.


How to fix:

Several things can be done before taking the phone to the repair center.

  1. First, check the notification settings. Make sure that the phone has the vibrations on is the silent mode. Set a vibration pattern.
  2. Make sure that the do not disturb option is not on.
  3. Check the text message app, and check its notification settings. Switch the vibration on.
  4. It can be a faulty update of the messaging app. Update it or uninstall it and then reinstall it back.
  5. Update the phone’s software.
  6. Clear the cache of the phone.
  7. Make the notification settings go back to their default stage.


Galaxy s20 not vibrating for texts

If the Galaxy s20 is not vibrating while getting text messages, then it is better to check the settings first. Go to settings, check the sounds and notifications menu. Turn on vibration in both client and ring mode.

This problem can be dues to various other problems, like:

  • Software issues
  • Hardware issues
  • Phone app issues


How to fix:

  • Go to settings and then sounds and notifications. Turn on vibration. Also, turn the vibration intensity to the max.
  • Go to the messaging app, and turn on vibration in the notification settings.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Reset the phone to the factory settings.
  • Check the vibration in the safe mode.
  • Clear the cache of the phone.
  • Update the Galaxy s20 phone software.


Phone not vibrating when on silent

When the phone is not vibrating on silent, then either you need to check if the vibrator motor is working or not, or need to check the software settings.

It is very common for both Android and iPhone not to vibrate when in silent mode. A few things that can help make the problem go away are:


How to fix:

Samsung (Galaxy s8+, s10e, s5, etc.)

  1. First, check if the do not disturb mode is on. If it is, then switch it off.
  2. Go to settings and check the vibration settings, turn them to the max.
  3. If it does not work, lets; the first check of the vibration motor is working.
  4. Use safe mode to restart the phone. And then check the vibrations.
  5. Or, dial *#0*# and click on vibration. It should vibrate, and that will mean that there is no hardware issue.
  6. To solve the software trouble, reset the phone to factory settings or update the phone software.


iPhone (iPhone 6s, 6, 7, X, 11)

  1. Check the vibration motor, by switching the ring and client toggle on side of the phone. Make to switch to silent, and the phone should vibrate.
  2. If it vibrates, then the motor is fine.
  3. Now go to settings, and then to sounds and haptics. Turn on both vibrate on silent and vibrate on silent.
  4. Go to settings, and then to accessibility and then to touch menu. Now switch on the vibration mode.
  5. But in case the phone does not vibrate, then it is important to reset the settings.
  6. Go to settings, then to general, and then to reset option. Click on reset all settings.
  7. If at all these steps do not work, thenback up the phone and its data and then erase everything and restore the phone. This will install a fresh iOS version on the phone.


Why iPhone doesn’t vibrate when charging?

This can be a very common issue in iPhone models like 11, XS, 7, 7 plus, 8 plus, etc.

The best way to solve the issue is by checking the vibration toggle and if not then reset the phone.

In case you are charging the phone and it is not vibrating on getting a call or message, then it can be a settings issue.

Also at times, the phone needs a reset to change the settings back to default.


How to fix:

  1. The very first thing to do is go to settings, then sounds and then check if the vibration is on. Switch on and off the toggle a few times. Then check.
  2. If it does not work, then restart the phone.
  3. Then reset the phone by going to settings and then to general.
  4. If all this does not work, then simply do a hard reset of the phone by erasing the phone and reinstalling the software.


Samsung Galaxy phone doesn’t vibrate when charging

To make sure that the phone vibrates while charging, it is better to check the notification settings along with the intensity of the vibrations. Keep the vibration intensity to the maximum.

This issue is very common among Samsung models like Galaxy s7, s8, s10, etc. It is very crucial to first know whether it is a hardware issue or a software issue. Software issues can be corrected by simply making a few changes in the settings. However, if it is something because of a hardware issue, then it is better to consult the repair center.


How to fix:

  1. To go to the settings and turn on vibrate in ring mode and silent mode.
  2. After this check, if the vibration is pushed to the maximum.
  3. Restart the phone.
  4. Reset the settings of the phone to default.


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