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Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself

cell phone hanging up by itself


Why Does My Phone Hang Up by Itself?

A phone can hang up by itself due to weak cellular reception on the service provider’s side, incorrect phone settings or a faulty sim card.

When a phone call ends abruptly in the middle of a conversation without both parties ending the call, this means the phone has hung up itself.

To help you understand the potential reasons behind your phone hanging up, I’ve detailed here most of the causes along with a few possible ways of fixing them yourself.


Weak cellular reception & defective SIM card

In locations that have poor or limited cellular reception, the call will end unexpectedly due to loss of communication signal with the mobile network.  If your signal is good, the phone might be hanging up due to a weak signal at the other end of the line. It is also possible that your SIM card is defective.


Settings are turned OFF

Oftentimes, your settings might be turned OFF without your knowledge which can cause the problem.


Hardware issue

If everything is working well and the settings are also right but the problem persists, there is a strong probability of hardware issues. It may be a problem with the phone’s motherboard. If it is not working right, there will be an issue whenever you make or attend a call.


How to stop your Cell Phone from Hanging Up

As mentioned, there could be multiple reasons for your phone to hang up abruptly. There are various ways to stop your phone from hanging up, which are as follows.


Step 1 – Install antivirus software

A virus can be a threat to your phone. If a virus infects your mobile phone it can considerably slow down your phone and cause it to hang often. The virus can even shut down your phone. Installing an antivirus will help combat this issue.


Step 2 – Do not overburden your phone

When you are using multiple apps simultaneously, you might overburden the phone. This can cause your phone to hang. You can avoid this by closing the apps that are not currently being used. This releases space and avoids any hang ups.


Step 3 – Delete redundant apps and data

If you spot applications that you do not use and are taking up free space on your phone, uninstall them. The same goes for photos and other data. The more free space you have on your phone, the more likely that it will not hang up.


Step 4 – Factory reset your device

If every effort yields no results, your last option is to factory reset the device. However, it is important to know that everything in your internal memory will be deleted forever. You must backup the data stored in the internal memory. Factory reset will make your phone memory brand new!

Why does my phone hang up after one ring?


Issue with the line

It is possible that there is a problem with the line. The line might need repairing by your carrier.


Line hooked to an analog device

Another possibility is that the line is hooked up to an analog device. These could be credit card machines, modems or even elevator lines. Often, the phone will hang up after one ring.


Carrier routing destination number to wholesaler

This is uncommon but your carrier maybe routing the destination number to a wholesaler who has set a timer on their network.


How to Resolve the issue

The best way to tackle these problems is by contacting your carrier’s customer care service and lodging your complaint.


Cell Phone hangs up after 2, 3 or 4 hours

If your phone hangs up after every 2, 3 or 4 hours then that is most likely an issue at your service provider’s end. There is often a hard-limit imposed by the service providers wherein the call automatically ends after a certain duration.

Things you can do

  • Ask your service provider if it can be fixed or if there are any unlimited plans.
  • Make calls via Wi-Fi to avoid the limit. However, that will consume your data.


Why Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Keeps Hanging Up by Itself


  • Touchwiz

Samsung Galaxy phones have Touchwiz in them which enhances the interface of the phone. Your phone might hang up if the Touchwiz exhausts the RAM.


  • High-intensity Applications

Applications that exert a lot of load on the processor and the internal memory of the phone are also a reason for the phone to hang up abruptly.


  • Unnecessary features and widgets

Another reason could be the excessive usage of widgets and features on your phone. More often, these features and widgets drain not only the battery but also slow down your phone.


  • Tiny RAMs

The RAMs in Samsung phones are quite small.  Running too many operations simultaneously can affect the processing unit.


  • Other reasons

There could be many possible reasons like change in service provider, busy areas where cell towers are overloaded, physical obstruction of phone signals, etc.


Things you can do to solve this:


Step 1 – Check your SIM card

Verify whether your SIM is inserted properly and is not damaged. Try inserting the same SIM in another phone to see if the problem is with the SIM or your phone. You also have the option to directly contact your service provider.

Step 2 – Examine the phone for damage

Check your phone for any physical damage. Also, examine the Liquid Damage Indicator or LDI in the battery settings. If your phone is working fine, then it must show colors like white with pink, solid white or purple X’s.


Step 3 – Reboot the device

Turn OFF the power of your device and wait for a minimum of 30 seconds. Now press and hold the power button again until you can see the Samsung logo. Test whether the same problem occurs again or not.


Step 4 – Look for software updates

On the Samsung device, go to Settings > Software update, and then tap Download and Install. If there is an update pending, then update the device as per the instructions given.

It is important to make sure that your device is at least 50 percent charged and has enough storage for the update. After your device is updated, it will restart. You may check if the problem persists or not.


Step 5 – Uninstall Applications

Uninstall all the apps that you installed right before your device began having a problem. After uninstalling, restart the phone and test if the problem persists. You may re-install those apps if there is no difference in the performance of the phone.

Why your iPhone Keeps Hanging Up by Itself

Call dropping in iPhones is a service provider problem or a hardware problem.

Several carriers block the call after a specific time-limit to avoid exploitation of the service. This issue can be resolved easily.


Step 1 – Toggle airplane mode

Go to settings and enable airplane mode. After 10 seconds, turn the airplane mode off.


Step 2 – Check phone settings

Go to settings and make sure that your phone is not in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, there are no blocked numbers and the call forwarding is OFF.


Step 3 – Software is up-to-date

Check whether there are any carrier settings updates or ios software updates pending and if so, install them. Test again.


Step 4 – Contact your carrier


If everything fails, you can call your carrier and ask whether the account you are using is correctly configured to use the specific iPhone. Check with them whether there are any localized service outages.

Lastly, you can check whether your calls have any errors in their carrier system or if there is any billing-related issue.


Other methods you can try

  • Try to attend and make calls from separate locations.
  • Restore the phone by doing a Factory Reset.
  • Reset your network settings.
  • Reseat the SIM card.


If nothing works, there is a possibility of a hardware problem that can best be resolved by your phone’s customer support.

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