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How to Keep Airpods Pro from Falling Out of your Ears

Why won’t my Airpods Pros stay in my ears?

The main reason why your AirPods Pro won’t stay in your ears is because of an incorrect fit or using incorrect silicone tips.               

  • Incorrect fit
  • Getting physically hit
  • Improper silicone tips


Incorrect fit

One of the major reasons why the Airpods Pro falls off is that they don’t fill well in your ears. Although they fit well most of the time, it must be noted that each one has a different ear canal size and ear shape. So the AirPods Pro may be a snug fit for some people while they tend to slip off the ears for some people.


Getting physically hit

The AirPods Pro tend to get dislodged from the ears when they get physically hit by external forces. When this happens, they may tend to pop out from your ears even if they rendered a firm fit earlier.


Other than external forces, your AirPods Pro are likely to fall off when they get hit due to instances such as while you adjust your hair, take off your clothes or remove your face masks.


Incorrect silicone tips

Silicone tips for AirPods Pros are available in three different sizes to cater to any ear size. They have been found to accumulate dust and become slippery over time. This leads to them slipping off from the ear and resulting in the earbuds not staying in your ears.


How do I stop my AirPods from falling out when I sweat?

You can stop your AirPods from falling out when you sweat by fitting them with ear hooks or swapping them and fitting them upside down in your ears.


The following steps can help to stop your AirPods from falling out of your ears when you sweat:

  1. Get an ear hook such as AirPod Grip attached to each AirPod and fix the hook behind your ear canal. Often, each ear hook offers multiple levels of adjustment for you to try out and decide which setup works the best for you.
  2. Try swapping the earbuds in your ears. Some people have found that using the right AirPod on the left ear and vice versa followed by fitting it upside down in their ears such that the little tails at their ends go into the earlobes has solved the problem of the earbud falling out when they sweat.
  3. Apply some waterproof tape to the AirPods. The tape helps to produce some friction on the earbuds and prevents them from falling off when you sweat. You will have to apply three strips of the tape above, in the middle and under the AirPods.
  4. The waterproof tape method is by and large the simplest fix for the AirPods falling out because of sweat. It’s worth keeping in mind that you need to buy first quality waterproof tape for it to do the trick.


Airpods Pro falling out ears


Do AirPods Pro stay in your ears while running?

Yes, AirPods Pro stay in your ears while running. They tend to fit most people’s ears very well and don’t stick out too much when you’re running.

Some runners have felt that the earbuds tend to move around and wiggle slowly after they have run a little distance. They had to be pushed back into the ears although they never actually fell out. This means that the fit was not as secure as when they began running.


How do I keep AirPods Pro from falling out while running?

You can keep AirPods Pro from falling out while running by twisting their stems upwards, using waterproof tape or external products like rubber hooks or silicone covers. You can also make sure your ears are dry or tip the base forward a little.


The tips given below can assist you in stopping your AirPods Pro from falling out when you run.

  1. Twist the stem of the AirPods Pro upwards so that they are at a horizontal angle instead of the usual downward facing direction. This position can make the earbuds fit inside the ears more firmly and not fall off because of the better sealing effect leaving no place for any wiggle.
  2. Apply waterproof tape on the earbuds at the bottom, in the middle and at the top. The tape may pose a sense of discomfort to some people. You can alternatively use double-sided tape although this can tend to be a little sticky.
  3. Use rubber hooks that stay over the ears and secure the AirPods Pro in position. This will stop the earbuds from falling off. AirPod Grips are a good choice for rubber hooks and work well with your AirPods Pro.
  4. Opt for silicon-like covers such as the AirPod covers to cover your earbuds. These covers increase the thickness and size of the earbuds slightly so that they don’t fall off.
  5. Make sure that your ears are always dry. If you feel that they have become wet because of instances such as sweating, dry them by dabbing the ears with a towel.
  6. Tip the base of the AirPods Pro forward a little rather than putting them straight down into your ears. When you opt for this position, the earbuds will face your earlobes.


The AirPods Pro are usually not known to fall out as much as their predecessor, the AirPods. The above tips are intended to resolve the falling problem in the AirPods while running but you can use them for your AirPods Pro as well if you face the same problem with them.


Do AirPods Pro fall out when working out?

Yes, AirPods Pro tend to fall out at times when working out. Airpods Pro don’t fall out during workout sessions because of their in-canal design and three pairs of replaceable tips for different ear canal sizes.


You can adopt some simple tips to stop them from falling during your workout sessions.

One way to do this is to buy a pair of adjustable rubber ear hooks and fix them onto your AirPods Pro. You can then fasten the hooked ends onto your ear canals and wrap them around the ears. These ear hooks are easily available at an affordable price.

Another option that you can consider is to fit some memory foam ear tips onto the earbuds. It’s important to match the size of the ear tips with that of the AirPods Pro.


How to keep AirPods Pro from falling out while sleeping?

You can keep AirPods Pro from falling out while sleeping byusing ear tips of a different size or ear hooks like AirPod Grips that are made of rubber. You can also consider using silicone covers on the earbuds.


The tips presented here walk you through how to solve the problem of AirPods Pro from falling off your ears when you’re sleeping.

  1. Replace the existing ear tips on the AirPods Pro with that of another size when you go to sleep. You may want a bigger or a smaller size depending on the size of your ears. Most often, a bigger size is recommended.
  2. Fix rubber ear hooks like the AirPod Grips onto the earbuds. The fixing is a very easy process and involves just sliding the stem of the earbuds into the corresponding hollow stems of the rubber hooks. Once you’re done with this, all you have to do is to insert the bigger hook of the AirPod Grips around your ear.
  3. Wrap silicone covers around the AirPods Pro. This will make the overall size a bit bigger and lessen the possibility of the earbuds slipping off when you turn to your side while you sleep.


How do I get my AirPods to stay in my ears?

You can get your AirPods to stay in your ears without falling off by twisting the earbuds, adding waterproof tape or wearing them upside down or sideways.


You can also consider using soft silicone ear tip skins, fixing over-ear hooks on the earbuds or opting for a different size.

The tips listed below guide you on getting your AirPods to remain in your ears without the fear of them falling off.

  1. Twist the stems of the AirPods Pro so that the speakers of the earbuds get seated firmly in your ear canals. Continue twisting until the stems are outside your ear and parallel to your head.
  2. Apply waterproof tape on the earbuds for some increased friction in the ears. This friction will also keep the falling off at bay when you sweat. Avoid using other tapes such as scotch tape or duct tape. You will need a pair of scissors and/or a regular hole punch to cut the tape according to the requirement.
  3. Wear the AirPods upside down or sideways. You must remember to swap the earbuds when you wear them upside down. But opting to wear them in any of these ways can result in the microphone getting directed away from the mouth and make conversations difficult.
  4. Cover the earbuds with silicone protective ear tip skins. Although they make the AirPods a bit bulkier, they hold the earbuds in place because of the additional friction. These covers will have to be removed to keep the earbuds back in their case.
  5. Slide the AirPods into the ear hooks to have them clasped firmly in position. The hooks can be attached and detached from the earbuds with the least effort. On the flip side, you will have to take them off from the AirPods when you put them in their case.
  6. Make sure that you’re wearing the AirPods properly and as intended. Once you’ve ascertained this, you must make sure that you’re using earbuds with ear tips of the right size.


Which AirPods stay in my ear best?

AirPods Pro stay in your ears best while there have been reports from the AirPods, the AirPods Max that they don’t have sweat resistance. So they may fall off if you are someone who tends to sweat profusely.

AirPods Pro offer the best of both worlds by coming with three choices for the size of the silicone ear tips.

You can take your pick from large, medium and small depending on what stays in your ears well. Furthermore, they have good sweat resistance as well. 

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