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(SOLVED) Why does my Asus Laptop Keep Shutting Down?

Why does my Asus laptop keep shutting down?

The main reason why an Asus laptop keeps shutting down is because of a overheating CPU or faulty battery.


Have you ever noticed your ASUS laptop abruptly turning off and on for no apparent purpose? This can be inconvenient, particularly if you haven’t yet stored your data. What could be more infuriating than deleting your effort in this manner?

In this post, we’ll look at the reasons for these undesired “resets” and explain why your computer is trying to shut down completely on its own. 

Among the causes of your laptop shutting down and restarting is excessively high temperature imposed on the hardware, which has caused it to malfunction. This might be caused to a fan issue or an accumulation of dust within the PC.

Excessive heat, a defective battery, or inappropriate power control settings might lead an Asus laptop to shut down repeatedly.


Possible Causes

One of the most typical reasons why your Asus laptop is constantly shutting down is:

  • A hot CPU or GPU
  • Default power control settings
  • The battery is defective
  • Failure of hardware
  • Virus infection



Asus laptops frequently (90% of the time) shut down unexpectedly due to overheating.

Overheating is usually the result of excessive laptop use.

Using your device in a high temperature location is another reason for overheating – but it is uncommon. Overheating might also result from a malfunction in your laptop’s cooling device. It can also occur if dust is not removed.

Most computers, regardless of manufacturer, are prone to overheating, particularly after years of usage. When your laptop overheats, it will shut down to cool down.


Set your control settings to normal

You may discover that your Asus laptop is randomly shutting down due to your standard power control settings. Test to determine whether this is the source of your issue.


Battery failure

If you are constantly recharging your laptop or are using it for an extended period, the batteries can decay overtime. If this is the case, it most likely needs repairs or replacement.


Failure of hardware

One factor that might cause your Asus laptop to shut down unexpectedly is a malfunction. In the event of equipment failures, you may be required to seek the assistance of a specialist. A specialist should inspect all of your laptop’s components.


How to fix an Asus laptop that keeps shutting down

To fix an Asus laptop that keeps shutting down, clean the fans out, change the laptop charger or examine the equipment for any hints.


Asus laptop keeps shutting down


Clean dirty fans:

As previously said, overheating might cause your laptop to shut down unexpectedly. And dirt caught in the fan base is one of the reasons for overheating. This dirt might interfere with the fan’s capacity to cool your Asus laptop.

Thus, the most fundamental troubleshooting in this instance is to clean the vents.

  1. Check to see whether the fans are operating correctly.
  2. After that, start cleaning.
  3. Remove any dust, hair, or other muck you discover.
  4. A radiator can be used in the same way.


Change the Laptop Charger

If your Asus laptop switches off while charging, you may need to replace your charger.

Perhaps the adapter you possess does not provide the appropriate number of volts. Bring your laptop with you and then purchase a charger. Your laptop’s volt requirements may be rather high.

As a result, replace your charger to keep your laptop from shutting off.


Examine your Equipment

If you notice any damaged hardware components in your Laptop, get them checked and replaced.

Remove any new devices that you have already put on your Laptop. Test to see whether the issue is still present. If it does, throw it away.


How to fix an Asus laptop that shuts down when unplugged

To fixan Asus laptop that shuts down when unplugged, start by executing a power reboot that can assist in resolving many battery difficulties.


Many consumers claim that their laptop shuts off when they unplug it. This problem frequently happens after upgrading the Laptop to Windows 10. If you’re looking for a solution, you’ve reached the correct spot.

It can minimize the amount of power saved in hardware devices. This approach can be used if your Laptop shuts down when it is disconnected.

  • When you close down your laptop, ensure that you’ve stored your data
  • Disconnect any attached auxiliary devices, for example, a USB drive or Wi-Fi, from your laptop
  • Disconnect the Laptop’s batteries and disconnect the power line
  • Keep the power switch down for around seconds before releasing it
  • Allow it to sit for almost 10 min. Afterward when reconnecting the adapter and replace the battery in your device
  • Restart your laptop to see whether the problem has been addressed


How do I fix an Asus laptop that shuts down when the charger is plugged in?

To fix an Asus laptop that shuts down when the charger is plugged in, check its motherboard for errors, make sure your laptop isn’t overheated or check to see if it is still on power default settings.


Remember that whenever the adapter does not create adequate power or voltage, the laptop closes down when it is plugged in.

  • Motherboard: If your laptop often shuts down, you may have a motherboard problem
  • Overheating: When the Laptop becomes overheated due to prolonged usage, it shuts down to prevent significant harm. Whenever the Laptop is connected, the CPU receives electricity and begins to run at full speed. This causes overheating
  • Settings: If some power-related setups are incorrectly engaged or chosen, the Laptop may also be closed down


Why does the Asus laptop shut down even with 100% battery?

The reason your Asus laptop shuts down with 100% battery is because of a bad cell in the rechargeable battery; when recharged, the system believes your battery has greater capacity than it does.

For instance, if your car believed you used to have a 40-gallon capacity, but sand flooded the tanks, and you had only had 10 gallons, your system would believe you always had 20 gallons while you had none.

A couple of additional possibilities could be preferable for you: your power management may be configured to close down or hibernate when you attain that level, which you can verify under the power management panel.

There’s a chance the battery detecting software has to be re-calibrated.


Why does the Asus Laptop suddenly shut down and won’t turn on?

The reason your Asus laptop suddenly shuts down and won’t turn on could be because of a defective battery issue.


If the laptop does not turn on, you can attempt a factory reset first; some computers with this problem will be cured.


Other tips to try:

  • Disconnect the battery (certain versions may not have a battery; please proceed to the next step) and the AC adapter
  • Do not disconnect the AC adapter from the ASUS laptop models TP420IA and UX425IA. To perform a factory reset on these devices, put in the AC adaptor)
  • Hold down the Start button for 1 min
  • Replace the battery (if it is detachable) and reconnect the AC adapter before attempting to start your laptop
  • If the issue continues, please proceed to the detailed procedures below


Why does my Asus laptop randomly shut down after a few minutes?

The reason why your Asus laptop randomly shuts down after a few minutes could be because of amalfunctioning hardware, an overheated CPU, and, in certain cases, a virus.


But don’t be alarmed. You can take certain steps to prevent your laptop from shutting off unexpectedly.

Your laptop’s main embedded systems create heat, which the cooling fan helps to minimize. However, if the cooling fan fails to function correctly, your Laptop will be unable to exhaust heat and will be turned off randomly.

As a result, you should maintain your Laptop in a more open environment with less trash or dust and allow the fan to perform correctly.

Furthermore, if you’re comfortable with your computer abilities, you may dismantle your Laptop and clean the fan.


Booting Asus laptop shows logo then has a black screen?

If booting Asus laptop shows logo and has a black screen, it is probably because the computer’s system link is broken with the display panel.

When this occurs, the first option you may try is pressing the Taskbar icon key, Ctrl button, Shift button, and B all at once.

It will reboot the link and restore the displays to the operating system.

When you’re done, check whether your Asus laptop’s display has returned to normal. If so, congratulations!


Why does my Asus shut down instead of going to sleep?

The reason your Asus laptop shuts down instead of going to sleep could be because of the computer’s power options or an invalid BIOS feature.

It just turns down whatever method you choose to put your system to rest (tapping the power button briefly, hitting the Menu bar, or shutting the notebook lid).


Why does my Asus Chromebook randomly shut down?

The reason your Asus Chromebook randomly shuts off is because of overheating. When it reaches the temperature limit, it immediately turns off to protect the cell and inner circuits until it cools.

If your system frequently stops operating in the middle of a task, it might be due to overheating.

Dust can infiltrate the Laptop into the connectors and keys over time. This is a disaster.

It prevents passive cooling from operating properly. Even if you aren’t doing strenuous on your computer, it will heat up rapidly and cool down slowly.

Remove any dust from your laptop.


Why does my Asus Zenbook randomly shut down?

The reason your Asus Zenbook randomly shuts down is because of heat or overclocked difficulties that have been brought about by excessive use. It could also be because of a software problem if it only happens while certain programs are open.


A computer shutting down with a fatal blue screen of death is not the same as electricity being switched off without notice.

If your Laptop is powered for long enough, begin with a virus scan using your preferred program. Consider rebooting from a fresh operating system DVD to avoid malware closing down your machine before it can be disinfected.

Malware is a low-probability source of these unexpected shutdowns, but it’s best to address malware immediately because it is quickly recognized.

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