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Why is My TV Stuck on One Channel?

TV is stuck on one channel

Why Is My TV getting stuck on One Channel?

A TV getting stuck on one channel is caused by a faulty remote, faulty main board, a unresponsive digital box, or subscription issues.

  • Remote is worn out
  • Remote Batteries are dead
  • Interference between receiver and the remote
  • Channel may not be available in your region
  • Channel is not on your favorite list
  • Channel lock is activated
  • Digital box is not responding
  • Faulty main board


Remote is worn out

Generally, when the channel refuses to change, the first thing to check is the remote’s functionality. Even before panicking, something is wrong with the TV; attention should be given to the remote. Most of us do not take appropriate care of our remotes.

The remotes are not made with the most durable material and can be subjected to wear and tear. The remote will light up when any button is pressed, and if you find the particular button that is being pressed to change the channel is not causing the remote to light up, then that is an issue.


Remote control Batteries are dead

The other common problem with remotes is that they can sometimes drain the battery’s power much faster than one might have anticipated. Replace the batteries from the back with a new pair, which might just do the trick.


Interference between receiver and the remote

Check that nothing is obstructing the remote and the receiver of the TV. If the digital box cannot pick up the signal, a new remote will also not be able to change the channel.


Channel may not be available in your region

Probably the channel that you are trying to change to is not given out by your service provider. There can also be the case that your current subscription pack may not contain that channel.


Channel is not on your favorite list

There are different channel favorite lists, and probably the channel number you are pressing is not on that particular list.


Channel lock is activated

You would have to deactivate the channel lock to be able to change the channel again.


Digital box is not responding

Unresponsive digital boxes as a result of internal damage can be the cause of unresponsiveness.


TV is malfunctioning

If you have unsuccessfully exhausted all the possibilities that can be fixed at home, then it is probably time to call the TV Company to send a technician. If the TV is entirely malfunctioning, then it is out of your hands.


How to Fix a TV that won’t change channels?

To fix a TV whose channels are not changing would require first assessing what is causing the problem. The TV is always not at fault. A remote or a digital box that is on the blink may be the reason.


Use the buttons on the receiver:

  1. Press the designated button for changing the channel on the receiver. These are the buttons that are demarcated by arrows.
  2. If you can reach your preferred channel, it means that your remote is malfunctioning or has dead batteries.


Check if the receiver is malfunctioning

  1. Turn off the TV.
  2. Unplug the receiver from the TV and then plug it back on.
  3. Switch on the TV.
  4. Press the button for the receiver and try changing the channels using the buttons of the receiver.


Change your favorite list

  1. Enter the channel number on the keypad of the remote. If you find that this changes the channel to your preferred one, dangerous means, you need to adjust the favorite list.
  2. Check for the guide button on your remote and proceed.
  3. You will find out what favorite list you are on, and then you can move to the all channels option. Edit your list accordingly.


Unlocking TV screen

  1. Enter the password if your TV has one.
  2. The system manual will contain all the information regarding the channel list and if your particular TV has specific steps necessary for unlocking channels.


Samsung TV is stuck on one channel

For model number UE32M5520AKXXU and onwards that are updated to the latest software reverting to factory setting usually fixes such issues. Do this after you are sure the remote is not malfunctioning.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to home option
  2. Open settings
  3. Click on support
  4. Choose self-diagnosis selection
  5. Now reset
  6. Enter the pin to confirm.


Vizio TV stuck on one channel

A Vizio TV can get stuck on 1 channel because of a issue with the EEPROM memory, or a faulty main board. If the main board of the TV is faulty, it will need to be replaced.

Vizio M3D470KDE or E371VL TV models have the same options for fixing this issue. Resetting the system usually is the most common solution to the TV being stuck on one channel.

  1. Switch off the TV
  2. Unplug the device
  3. Press to hold the power button for around 30 sec.
  4. After 10 mins, re-plug the set.
  5. Press to hold the power button until the TV turns back on.
  6. Check if the channel changes now.


Lg TV stuck on one channel

LG TV’s can get stuck on one channel because of a faulty main board,  dead batteries, or a signal interference.

It won’t matter if you own an older model LG TV like the LG 37LG30 or something different, like a new one.

Go through the most obvious steps to narrow down the possibilities.

  1. Check the batteries, if they are functioning properly or not. Especially if you are using an older TV, there is a high chance that your remote has become obsolete.
  2. See that the receiver, as well as the remote sensor, is not getting blocked.
  3. If the TV is relatively new, try auto-tuning. For that, you would have to press the smart button, which looks like a house, on the remote. There in the settings, you will find the auto-tuning option.


Insignia TV stuck on one channel

Isignia TV models like NS-50L260A13 can get stuck on one channel. Insignia TV’s that get stuck  on one channel can be fixed by switching to a new universal remote. If the remote is not the cause, then the fault is with the main board inside the TV.

If you have newer models, then here are some steps that you should take into account:

  1. Unplug all other devices connected to the TV.
  2. Check remote battery.
  3. Clean the sensor of both the receiver as well as the.
  4. Restart the device.
  5. Change to factory settings.


Xfinity remote stuck on one channel

If you have an Xfinity remote, then first and foremost, check if the buttons are not functioning and check if the batteries.

For the universal remote make sure that the remote is functioning properly before you make adjustments to the TV.  However, if you have a voice remote like the model XR11, take the following steps to reset it.

  • Press and hold the triangle a button along with the diamond D button at the same time for 3 seconds.
  • The light will turn to green.
  • Press 9 8 1 together
  • The LED light will blink three times in blue color, indicating that the remote has been reset.


DirecTV remote stuck on one channel.

If the DirectTV remote is stuck on one channel, it is crucial first to figure out if you have the Universal remote or the company’s Genie remote. Depending upon the remote, the necessary steps have to be taken to fix the problem.

One standard solution for both kinds of remote is to check the battery that you have put in the remote.

It is very common to find that it is actually the battery’s fault that makes the remote not function properly.

The following are the steps that you need to follow to fix this issue:

  1. Press any button on your remote and check if you see a solid green light. This means that your batteries are strong.
  2. If the light starts blinking fast, this mean that the battery is in its mid-life and has to be replaced soon.
  3. Suppose you see no light or a slow blinking light that means that your remote’s battery is either dead or dying. Remove and insert 2 AA batteries. Now check if your channel is changing.


Universal Remote

  1. Make sure that your reset is received, and the remote is paired properly.
  2. Sometimes the brightness of the TV has to be turned down.
  3. Clean the remote as well as the receiver’s sensor with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Press the red button or unplugging it to reset the receiver, and then wait for 15 seconds.


Genie Remote

  1. Press the red button of the DirecTV receiver to reset the receiver.
  2. Reset the remote control by using the pair/program remote option on the settings menu.
  3. If nothing else works, resetting the remote to default settings also helps. Press mute and select button together. Then the remote light flashes 3 times. Then, press 9 8 1 along with the select button to make the remote flash four times to complete the process.

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