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Why Does My Soundbar Keep Turning Off?

Soundbar keeps turning off

Why does my soundbar keep turning off?

Soundbars usually turn off when they fail to detect audio signals. A faulty cable, loose connections and the volume being too low, can all cause a soundbar to turn off.

Turn up the volume too high while plugging your soundbar over a 3.5mm connection cable.

  •       Power consumption: Soundbars are logged into power-saving settings. When the soundbar is unable to receive an input signal or isn’t operated within a maximum of fifteen minutes, it will turn off. This feature can’t be alerted as it ensures less consumption of power by the device.
  •       Low volume level: Some soundbars are more sensitive to the input signal and may turn off when the sound volume is too low, or the soundbar is unable to detect the source of the device.
  •       Weak connection: If your soundbar is loosely connected to the TV, it may turn off.
  •       No AUX input: While using an AUX input, if no input buttons are pressed for around 8 hours, the soundbar will turn off.
  •       Faulty cable: If you are using an optical cable, the cable may be defective, which causes the soundbar to lose connection.
  •       Set-top box: If your soundbar is connected to a disc player or set-top box, the sound may be low, causing the soundbar to enter e sleep mode. Turn up the volume as high as possible to solve this issue.
  •       Defective soundbar: Your soundbar may face some technical defects or have worn out. Try contacting a technician if no remedies do justice to your soundbar.


How to fix soundbar that turns off randomly

To fix a soundbar that’s turning off randomly, turn up the volume to the highest possible level, and check that all cord are securely connected.

Steps on how to fix the issue

  • If your soundbar turns off after not being able to receive a signal for fifteen minutes or more, try to turn off your energy savings mode. This is an inbuilt feature to cut down your device’s power consumption.
  • If your device is connected to a set-top box and the signal’s volume level is too low, the soundbar will turn off. Set the set-top boxes volume level to maximum and then effectively adjust your volume of the soundbar.
  • If your soundbar is connected to any audio out connection or TV headphone, try setting the audio result to external from the sound settings of your TV. If you are unable to locate this function, then try increasing the sound level of your TV.
  • If your soundbar has been inactive for over 15 minutes, press the power button to wake up your device.
  • If none of the above works for you, your soundbar may be suffering from something more severe. Try seeking help from a technician.


Why does my Polk soundbar keep turning off?

Polk MagniFi One or DSB1 is more sensitive to the audio signal and enters into automatic standby mode. Try raising the volume of the source signal beyond your standby threshold.

Probable causes and solutions:

  • The low battery level of your Polk remote may cause the soundbar to turn off. Change the remote’s battery or remove it and reinsert it again.
  • If you accidentally flipped the places of your optical cable, the soundbar would be unable to receive signals. Try putting the wire on the right sides. The larger side of the optical cable will be placed at the back of your soundbar.
  • You can change the settings of response time and increase it to 40 minutes from 20 minutes. However, all TV brands do not support this feature.
  • Your power adapter may be faulty. Check the soundbar with another power adapter to see whether it works correctly or not.
  • If your Polk soundbar randomly turning off, try:
  1. Check the AC adapter, power on button, and power cable connection. See whether troubleshooting them helps or not. If all of them seem to work fine, your device’s motherboard may be broken.
  2. Troubleshoot for volume settings and Bluetooth connection. If they fail to work, check your motherboard with a technician.
  3. Your power button may be unresponsive. Try to clean the power button to rub off all residues that are preventing the switch from working.
  • For Polk soundbar SB1, try using DTS Play-Fi instead of Polk’s app to prevent your soundbar from randomly turning off.


Why does my Samsung soundbar keep turning off?

If your display device stays idle for a certain period, it gets turned off automatically.


  • Suppose the soundbar receives no signal for around 15-20 minutes at max in BD/TV/USB/HDMI/ARC/D.IN modes, it will be turned off.
  • If you don’t press any input key for around 8 hours while using an AUX input, it will be turned off.
  • If your AUX cable stays disconnected for a period of 20 minutes, it will enter sleep mode.


How to fix a Samsung Soundbar that always turns off

  1. Turn on your Samsung soundbar
  2. Change the signal source to AUX
  3. Press and hold for 5-7 seconds the play/pause button
  4. The display of the soundbar will start scrolling these words: ‘On- Auto Power Down.’
  5. Release the power button
  6. Next, the soundbar display will show: ‘Off-Auto Power Down.’


Further advice:

  • If you are facing any issue with Samsung HW-C450 or HW-E550 Soundbar, try changing the optical cables or reconnect it to your TV. Alternatively, try installing the latest firmware in your soundbar and TV. Change the TV settings to stereo or PCM.
  • If all of the remedies mentioned above fail, call for tech support.


Why does my Sony soundbar keep turning off?

Try to enable the function of control for HDMI to prevent your Sony soundbar from randomly turning off.

  1. Try enabling the function of the Control for HDMI by pressing the voice button. Hold the button of your remote for around five seconds.
  2. Try to reset your HT-S200F/SF200/SF201 soundbar by pressing and holding the power button and volume button simultaneously for around five seconds or more.
  3. Try to reset your HT-S100F/SF150 soundbar by pressing and holding the power button, volume button, and input select button for around five seconds or more.

Information and advice:

  • Try to change the settings of your signal volume level to the maximum to prevent any signal issue.
  • Change your audio output settings and set it to external from the settings of your TV.


Why does my LG soundbar keep turning off?

The best possible way to fix it is by going for a firmware update or checking for the signal volume level.

Various models of LG soundbar, namely SH2, SH7B, and SH3K, have sensitive sensors. People have often faced issues with LG soundbars whenever they try to put it in the Bluetooth mode.

Solutions and advice: 

  • You can disable the feature of power-saving by pressing the button of ‘Auto Power’ on your remote control.
  • The other feature of APD can’t be disabled. This feature locks down the device if it fails to receive any signal within 20 minutes.
  • Check whether your optical cable is connected correctly or not. Change the volume settings to maximum and reset your LG soundbar.


Why does my Vizio soundbar keep turning off?

You can turn off the ECO mode on Vizio SB3651-E6 soundbar and install the latest firmware.

If your soundbar has the energy star setting mode on, it will automatically turn off after a long period of inactivity. If you disable this feature, your soundbar will remain on until you decide to turn it off.

You can disable/enable this feature by:

  1. Pressing and holding the volume down button and power button together for 5 seconds.
  2. The energy star setting mode gets enabled by the default settings.

Alternatively, you can turn off the automatic default power-saving feature by turning off your VZtv Rmt function settings. You can also upgrade to the latest firmware and try sourcing the soundbar audio without your HDMI. You can try turning off the CEC on your TV if the other options fail to help.


Why does my JBL soundbar keep turning off?

You can try to turn up the source signal’s volume and prevent overloading the input of your JBL soundbar.

Models of JBL soundbar like SB400, SB450, and others often keep randomly turning off. It is mainly because of the power-saving feature. Often the wires, speaker, or crossover may be damaged. Check whether your speaker is receiving more power than it is designed for.

Advice and solutions:

  • Turn down the volume of the speakers and push up the volume of the source.
  • Try connecting it directly to your USB port instead of trying it through an AC Adapter.
  • Control the volume from your JBL speakers and set the source signal volume to maximum.
  • The JBL soundbar usually has a less latch time, which makes it go off frequently. Do frequent activities to prevent your soundbar from going off.


Why does my Klipsch soundbar turn off by itself?

You can try switching from HDMI to your optical cable and go for the newest firmware update to retain the adequate sound level.

Often the source fails to generate sufficient signal for the speaker. Or there may be some issues with the TV or cable wires.

Advice and solutions:

  1. You try switching the source to yellow light and then turn again to green light.
  2. Use RCA cables because they transmit a stereo signal. Alternatively, you can try to set your TV to PCM.
  3. Turn up the signal volume to the maximum so that the soundbar doesn’t have to downmix it.

Klipsch soundbar models like RSB-11 and R-10B often fail to recognise low signal strength. Try to reset the soundbar and work out the cables to resolve your problem.


Why does my Bose soundbar keep turning off?

You can try to check the CEC settings and the power-sync mode of your TV. Try to disable them to see if the problem resolves.

The bose soundbar often misinterprets its surroundings and enters the power-saving mode.

How to reset your soundbar

  1. Turn off your Bose soundbar
  2. Unplug the power cord of your soundbar
  3. Try to wait for around 30 seconds
  4. Reconnect your power cord
  5. Again wait for thirty seconds for your system to reboot
  • Try to change your HDMI CEC setting option to Alternative on both your TV and soundbar to check if the soundbar reacts differently.
  • Try changing to another power outlet for verifying that it is not the root cause of the issue.
  • You can change the HDMI-CEC feature setting by:
  1. Locate the setting on your SoundTouch app
  2. Select Menu. Go to settings. Select the speaker and again go to settings.
  3. Select your system and click the advanced setup. Then go to HDMI-CEC.
  4. Click on the empty circle displayed next to your preferred option to change the current mode/settings.
  5. To enable CEC, click on ‘default on.’
  6. Click on ‘Alternate on’ to fix any sort of CEC inconsistencies.
  7. To disable CEC, click ‘off.’
  8. You will find an ‘X’ located at the upper right corner. Click it to close the app.

People using Bose models of 500 and 300 have often reported such issues.


Why does my Yamaha soundbar keep turning off?

Yamaha soundbar models like YAS101BL, YAS-207, YAS-203 have often faced issues in sensing the signal.

Yamaha has auto-sleep settings. If no input buttons are pressed within 12 hours, it will shut down automatically. If the cables of the soundbar are not connected correctly, it will turn off.


Advice and solutions:

  • Check the polarity of your speakers and see whether your unit is properly vented.
  • You can try to disconnect all cables and reconnect them properly.
  • Prevent overheating of your soundbar and check if there is enough ventilation around your system.
  • Check whether your cable wires are shorted.
  • Disable and re-enable your HDMI or Bluetooth settings.

If all the solutions fail to resolve your issue permanently, your soundbar may have some defects or is internally damaged. Try contacting a technician to fix your problem.

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