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How to Fix a Asus Laptop Keyboard that is Not Working

ASUS keyboard not working

Why Is My Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working?

The main reason why a Asus laptop keyboard is not working is because the keys are faulty, outdated drivers, a corrupt Windows 10 update.

There may be different types of issues with the keyboard of an Asus laptop such as the following:

  • Keys not responding to your tap (not sensitive)
  • Some keys not working
  • You press one key and what gets typed on the screen is a different letter or value
  • The hotkey function alone is non-functional


Keys Not Responding

This is a situation where you type or press a key and you find that the laptop takes a while before the typed letter or figure is seen on the document on the screen. The reason for this could be that the Filter keys would have been enabled. You will have to disable the Filter keys via the keyboard setting option in Windows.

Similarly, you may also have issues like multiple characters displayed when you have pressed just a single key. Here, the adjustment needed is in the keyboard Settings menu. The Repeat delay has to be set to Long.


Wrong Characters Displayed (mismatch)

One reason you may find your Asus laptop displaying a character not matching with the key you have pressed on the keyboard could be due to the NumLock key not activated.

If you pressed a key from the numerical keys area with the NumLock function disabled, it would either not type anything or it would type another character. You have to press the NumLock key once to activate the number pad.

Another reason for the Asus laptop displaying a different character to what you have typed on the keyboard could be the language setting. You have to check if the correct language has been selected.


Keyboard Partially Working

This is a situation where some keys in the keyboard won’t function whereas the other keys work perfectly. Asus claims this can happen due to certain BIOS settings issues and you have to update the BIOS to the latest version in your Asus laptop.

This problem can also occur if the drivers are not updated.


Issues with the Hotkey Function

Whether you use them frequently or rarely, the hotkeys do serve a purpose and if they don’t function correctly you will have a problem using your Asus laptop. The reason for this could be due to settings in the laptop when shipped from Asus’ manufacturing points. They are sent with a default status.

You will need to put the laptop through a series of updates of drivers etc. for the problem to be resolved.


Why Does My Asus Laptop Keyboard Keep Locking Up?

The keyboard on your Asus laptop can lock up if there is a major change in the software like version updates, etc.

Some of the other causes of this situation include:

  • The enabling of Filter keys
  • An outdated keyboard driver
  • The keyboard might have got unplugged from inside the laptop
  • A wrong BIOS setup that causes locking up of the keyboard

One fix is to shut the laptop down completely and reboot. This may solve the problem. The other is to try and connect an external keyboard and see if it works.

The Filter keys can be disabled by following the steps given here:

  • Click on the search box and type ‘Ease of access’ (if the keyboard momentarily functions after a reboot).
  • Of the options you get on the screen, click on ‘Change how your keyboard works’.
  • If you find the entry ‘Turn on FilterKeys’ and the box next to it is checked, uncheck it.
  • Now, there will be a button ‘Set Up FilterKeys’ in blue color; click on it.
  • A dialogue box will appear with one option ‘Keyboard shortcut’.
  • If you find an entry, ‘Turn on FilterKeys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds’, uncheck the box next to it.
  • You must then click the OK button twice in succession.

If your Asus laptop’s keyboard is locked, the touchscreen may also not function.

You will have to connect a mouse to one of the USB ports to carry out the above operation. As mentioned, you can only type if the keyboard works.

The assumption here is that the issue with the keyboard on your Asus laptop is intermittent or that it works briefly once the laptop is rebooted.

If this does not solve the issue, you will have to contact Customer Support at Asus.

Another possible solution using the mouse is as follows:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Click on Device Manager.
  • You may find a few keyboards listed under ‘Keyboards’.
  • If you can locate the keyboard you are currently using, double click on it.
  • A new window will appear. You must click on the Driver tab there.
  • Next, click on ‘Uninstall’. This will uninstall the driver
  • Click ‘Ok’ and leave this dialogue.

Now, if you restart the laptop, your keyboard should start working fine.

If the keyboard has got disconnected within, you will have to carefully remove the keyboard and reconnect and replace it. The Asus laptop will have a plastic trim on the top of the keyboard. If you remove the trim you will notice screws holding the keyboard to the laptop’s base.

Unscrew these to lift the keyboard gently. You will notice the connector from the keyboard to the motherboard. Ensure that this is connected properly. You can then fix the keyboard back and replace the trim. See if the keyboard is functioning fine now.

Some fixes here require the keyboard to work partially or it should function at least for a few minutes before locking up. Otherwise, you will have to approach the company’s Customer Service.


How to Unlock the Asus Laptop Keyboard?

You may have an older version of the Asus Keyboard Lock and you will have to first uninstall that before you install the right one. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • You have to type ‘cont’ in the Windows search box; you can then use the mouse to select Control Panel.
  • Among the various menus on the resulting page, choose Programs -Uninstall a program
  • The list of programs installed will appear; choose ‘Asus Keyboard Lock’.
  • Now, click on Uninstall, at the top.
  • You will be asked to confirm this action in a popup window. Confirm by clicking ‘Yes’ if you are sure that you want to uninstall the program.
  • The Uninstall process may take some time.
  • You should go back to the program list to make sure that the item has been removed from it.

Next, you have to install the latest version of Asus Keyboard Lock. For this, you have to visit the Asus website and go to the Support page. You will have to find the correct product page for your Asus laptop model. Find the Utilities list, select Asus Keyboard Lock, and download.

It may be in the form of a Zip file. Extract all the files and set them up. You can go back to the list of programs and confirm that it has the Asus Keyboard Lock listed there.


Why Asus Keyboard Keeps Disconnecting

If you own the Asus T100TA laptop, the keyboard may get disconnected if the corresponding drivers are out of date or corrupted. In either case, there are two or three ways you can take care of this.

One is to try the Troubleshoot option. For this, you just have to enter Troubleshoot in the search box and follow the onscreen instructions.

In the next method, you have to press the Windows Key + R Key. The Run window will appear; type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and press Enter. You must expand the menu entry Mice and other pointing devices.

From the list that appears, expand the Keyboards option. Select and right-click on this and select Update driver software. If none of these works then you have to contact Asus Customer Care.


Asus Keyboard Keeps Turning OFF

Most of the time, just turning OFF the Asus laptop and restarting it can solve the problem of the keyboard turning OFF. Try it the next time and see if it works. If your laptop is running on battery, you can try removing the battery and connecting the laptop to direct AC power. Check if the keyboard works now.

You can check the connections also if you are using an external keyboard through the USB port or the wireless adapter, if it is a wireless keyboard.

Apart from these, the other regular methods described above for checking and updating the drivers and disabling the Filter Key may also work.


Asus Laptop Keyboard Types by Itself

An Asus laptop keyboard can start typing on its own due to a couple of reasons. One is if there is a mechanical glitch like ‘sticky keys’. The other reason could be due to some missing Windows updates.

You can get around this problem by going to the Windows update section to check if any updates are available and install it right away.

The other way to check if there is any problem with the keyboard is to connect an external keyboard. If this is working, then your existing keyboard is faulty and you have to take action.


How to Turn OFF Onscreen Keyboard on an Asus Laptop

The normal way to turn OFF the onscreen keyboard of your Asus laptop is to click on the ‘X’ at the top corner of the onscreen keyboard to close it. When you take the mouse over this it will show the ‘close’ command.

The other method, if this doesn’t work is to go to the Control Panel and find the ‘Ease of Access Center’. There the menu, ‘Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard’ can be seen. Uncheck the box next to ‘Use On-Screen Keyboard’. This will disable the onscreen keyboard.


Asus Laptop Keyboard Keeps Freezing

If you are facing this problem, try uninstalling the driver and restarting the computer. This may solve the issue.

In some of the older Windows versions, a combination of the four keys Win + Ctrl + Shift + B will do the trick. The laptop screen may go dark for a few minutes and then come back to life and you should be able to use it without any trouble.

This method is used to solve the general freezing of the laptop as well.


Asus Laptop Keyboard Backlight Not Working

If your Asus laptop model has the keyboard backlight feature, you will notice that the F3 and F4 Function keys on the top row have the light icon in them. If it is there, then you can press the Fn and the F4 keys to increase the brightness of the keyboard backlight.

The combination of the Fn and F3 keys will result in reducing the brightness until it goes down to zero.

If you have these Function keys to control the keyboard backlight and it is still not working, then the BIOS settings should be checked. You have to enable the Actions Keys Mode under the System Configuration in BIOS Utility.


Asus Laptop Keyboard Typing Numbers Instead of Letters

This can happen if you are using an Asus Notebook that does not have separate numeric keyboards and some of the letter keys are assigned the numeric function to be used along with the Fn key. The control for enabling this feature will be with one of the Functions keys from F1 to F12.

One of them will have ‘numlk’ added to the function. By pressing this, the keyboard will be enabled or disabled alternatively for assigning the numerical function to the keys. You can disable the numeric function and type letters. The numbers will not be typed.

Whenever you want to type only numbers such as when working on a spreadsheet, you can enable this to type numbers only, using the same keys.


Asus Laptop Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters

The only solution to this problem is to replace the keyboard. You can check that there are no connectivity issues. You can also try using an external keyboard to make sure that it is the laptop’s keyboard that is at fault.

If you can follow the relevant YouTube videos and change the laptop keyboard, then you can think of buying the keyboard online and replacing it. If you are not so sure of doing this yourself, then you should take the laptop to the nearest Asus Service point and get the keyboard replaced.


Asus Vivo book Keyboard Not Working

One of the solutions to get the keyboard of an Asus VivoBook 15 X512 DA laptop working is to switch OFF the laptop and restart after some time.

You can update the keyboard driver by first uninstalling it and restarting the laptop. When you restart, the laptop will automatically get the missing drivers and install the latest version. You can also try removing any extra entry in the list of keyboards leaving only the current one that you are using.


Asus Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

One way to fix the issue of the keyboard not working on an Asus Chromebook is to reset the device. You should first turn the Chromebook OFF. After some time, you can power it back by pressing the Refresh button and the Power button together for about ten seconds. When you see the Chromebook coming back to life, release the buttons.

This has been found to solve the issue. There are other ways to address this issue as well, if the above method does not work. One is to reset the Chrome browser. The other is to Power Wash the Chromebook. This is another feature to reset the systems in the machine and to remove any application or program that has been interfering in the functioning of the keyboard.

If none of these solutions work, then you should contact Customer Support.


Asus ROG Keyboard Not Working

Most Asus ROG Strix GL503GE laptops had a problem with their keyboards not working, all of a sudden. The manufacturer has a dedicated page for this model on the Asus website. You have to go there and download the ‘Hotfix’ file that is available. This works like magic and the keyboard will function once again as before.

If you are not lucky and the problem keeps repeating, you should contact Asus Customer Service to resolve the problem for you.

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