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How to Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working (STEPS)

HP Laptop Touchpad not working
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Why is my HP Touchpad not working?

These may be the possible reasons why your touchpad is not working:

  • You may have accidentally turned off the touchpad.
  • Having outdated or corrupted touchpad drivers.
  • Having corrupted system files.


Troubleshooting an HP laptop touchpad

Are you having trouble with your touchpad recently? Finding little to no solution can turn frustrating really quick. However, do not fret since there are some possible solutions to your problem.

The touchpad may be turned off by accident

Check whether or not you have the touchpad enabled on your HP laptop. If it turns out to be off, then you can switch it on to get your touchpad working again. There are two ways to turn on the touchpad on your laptop, which are as follows:

  1. Turning on the touchpad in the settings

Go into the settings and click onto mouse settings on your laptop for enabling the touchpad. An easy way of doing this is to press the Windows logo on your keyboard and the X key at the same time.

When the name settings pop up in the menu list, then you can click it. Then, click on the icon named devices, which will bring you to ‘mouse and touchpad’.

After selecting the option, go into additional mouse options. There you will find an option named touchpad tab, device settings tab, or hardware tab. You can enable the option of touchpad from there if it’s turned off.


  1. Double tapping the dot in the upper left

Check for the dot located on the left corner touchpad pane on the upper side. You can possibly fix the touchpad issue by double tapping that dot on the touchpad pane.


Updating the touchpad driver(s)

A case of outdated versions of touchpad drivers or missing touchpad drivers can be an issue with your touchpad not working. To fix this, you simply have to install updated touchpad drivers. You can accomplish this in the following two methods:

  1. By automatic updating of the touchpad driver

With the help of driver easy, you can easily accomplish this task. Ultimately, it’s important to find the driver most suited for your ‘video adapter,’ and it does exactly that. It has the ability to automatically identify your window’s system, therefore, better adapted to finding the correct driver for you.

There are two versions – free and pro, which you can use to download and install these drivers.

There are three steps you must follow for this.

  1. The first is to download the driver easy.
  2. The second step is to run the program on your laptop and click the ‘scan now’ button. This will allow the program to scan your laptop and find problem drivers if any.
  3. Next, you need to click update and download the correct driver before installing it on your HP laptop. Now all that is left to do is to restart your laptop and see if the touchpad problem is fixed.


Manually updating the touchpad driver

You can do this by updating the touchpad driver from the respective manufacturer.

Make sure that the version you install is compatible with your Windows OS. Download it and then install it on your laptop.


Why is having a functional touchpad important?

Generally speaking, there are many advantages of having a working touchpad. Some are portability, ease of use, no installation needed, and still getting the same features as a mouse.

  • Portability:

Since you are not required to install any third-party hardware, that makes touchpad’s all the more favorable over a mouse. You can use the touchpad as soon as the device has been booted on. It saves space and effort as employees/individuals would have to carry a mouse separately just about anywhere. Touchpad’s can be considered as a true savior for us in terms of technology.

  • Ease of use:

If we use a mouse, we need space for it to move. Plus, there are wrist restrictions with one. Having a touchpad has made it easier for us to function since the touchpad does not require additional space on its own.

All actions can be carried out at the tip of a finger. This has only made it easier for all of us to move around the pointer on the screen in desired directions.

Having a broken or incorrectly configured touchpad is just as bad, if not worse.

Don’t worry because most of these touchpad problems can be fixed by yourself and in your own home.

So, grab your reading glasses, and let us look at solutions for your HP laptop.


How to fix an HP touchpad that is not scrolling

Here is how to fix the HP touchpad on a laptop:

  • Go into the control panel settings
  • Press the Windows key on your laptop and select the control panel from the given menu.
  • From all the icons displayed, pick the one titled ‘Synaptic touchpad’.
  • A list will be visible to you on your screen. When scrolling, you will find two options. These are ‘scrolling with two fingers’ and ‘scrolling with one finger’. You can check on both of these choices through the ‘show video’ button.
  • Try to decide which of the two options work best for you – horizontal as well as vertical scrolling. So, you can choose either of the given options accordingly.
  • Update the touchpad driver(s) on the device.

There may be a missing touchpad driver causing this issue. For this step too, you can choose two ways, including manual updating and automatic updating of the touchpad drivers. This will allow the program to scan your laptop and find problem drivers if any.

For the next step, you need to click ‘update’ and download the correct driver on your laptop. This is to be followed by installing the driver on your HP laptop. Now all that’s left to do is to restart your laptop and see if the touchpad problem is fixed.


HP Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 10

If you still cannot find the scroll issue, then you can apply the following method to solve it.

  • By troubleshooting the hardware issues

The troubleshoot utility in Windows comes in handy in times like these, so make sure to use it. It’s possible to detect the hardware issue in this way and even find a fix for it automatically.

  1. First, you have to open the control panel, and you can do so by pressing the Windows logo key and the X key along with it, and it will open up a menu for you to choose from.
  2. Click on troubleshooting, then go to the icon named ‘hardware and sound’ and click it.
  3. After this step, you have to go into ‘hardware and sound’ and finally select the option ‘hardware and device’.
  4. Click on next and then wait some time for the process of troubleshooting to be completed entirely.
  5. You can fix all of the detected issues if you choose to follow the on-screen wizard.
  6. Now what’s left to do is restart your laptop and try using the touchpad to see if it works.


What is the yellow light on the HP laptop trackpad?

The yellow/blue light on your trackpad may be one or any of the indications that:

  • Your HP laptop touchpad is locked.
  • The touchpad of your HP laptop is currently disabled.


HP EliteBook touchpad not working-yellow light

Your touchpad stopped working, and a yellowish light started to appear on the touch panel. Does this scenario sound familiar? It can look confusing, but there is a simple fix to this issue. The issue may have been caused on your HP EliteBook touchpad due to either the device not being configured correctly or Windows could not load the driver for the hardware.

The fix that you can use to toggle the pad on/off as you desire is by double tapping the top left-side corner of the touchpad.


HP ProBook touchpad not working-yellow light

The reasons behind the yellow light on your HP ProBook touchpad could indicate that the touchpad is locked or disabled. The light can also be a blue color in some cases or orange in others. Double tap on the top left side corner of the touchpad. This action is done to toggle the pad on and off.


What is the orange light on the HP laptop trackpad?

It’s a small LED known as the touchpad’s sensor. The appearance of orange light on your trackpad indicates that your trackpad has been disabled or even that you might not be able to use it.


How can you fix the orange light sensor issue?

Double tap on the top left side corner of the touchpad for turning the toggle pad on and off.


HP touchpad orange light not working

An orange light on the touchpad means that your HP touchpad is disabled or turned off.

How can you overcome the touchpad problem and turn the light off?

  • Open up device manager by clicking on Windows key plus X.
  • Expand on the mouse & pointing devices.
  • Click on the item Synaptic if it is listed.
  • Then click on the driver tab given.
  • Click on the uninstall button.
  • Reboot your computer.


How do I turn off the orange light on my HP touchpad?

You can successfully turn off the orange light on your touchpad by double tapping on the top left side corner of the touchpad to toggle the pad on and off.


How to unlock HP touchpad on a laptop

There is a sensor present for the HP touchpad on your laptop. It’s in the form of a small LED, which is either blue or orange. This sensor light should be switched off in order to activate or unlock the touchpad.


HP EliteBook touchpad bottom buttons not working

This could occur because of accidental spillage or broken buttons due to an accident/damage.

To fix this issue, try the following steps:

  • Go to the HP support site and download the driver version –
  • Restore it and reboot your computer.

Other alternatives for fixing this issue include:

  • Opening Device Manager by clicking the windows key and X key.
  • Look for mouse & pointer options/devices
  • Click on synaptic SMS Bus touchpad and select update driver.
  • Then select browse ‘my computer’ for the driver software.
  • Choose from the list of drivers before you.
  • Restart/reboot the computer.


Why HP touchpad keeps freezing

The reason that this happens could be because of the absence of needed driver installation on your HP laptop. The possible solutions that I can list for these include the following ones:

  • Open device manager.
  • Look for mouse and other pointing devices.
  • Click on the touchpad driver and choose update driver software.
  • Select automatically search for driver software.
  • Follow the instructions given on screen for installation completion.
  • Reboot your HP laptop.


Other solutions:

  • Checking for compatible drivers
  • Enable ELAN
  • Running SFC scan
  • Reinstalling touchpad driver
  • Installing the latest touchpad drivers


HP Touchpad keeps clicking

It’s evident that your touchpad is to be the cause if the clicking continues. Although it’s a minor issue, it can be dealt with by applying these solutions:

  • Click the Windows key along with I key.
  • Go to the section for devices.
  • Go to the touchpad section and uncheck the checkbox next to ‘Leave touchpad/trackpad on when the mouse is connected’.


Alternatives that would also work are:

  • Open settings and go to the device section.
  • Choose additional mouse option(s).
  • In the mouse property settings, uncheck the checkbox of ‘turn on clicklock’.
  • Click “apply” and then “OK” to save the changes.

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