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How to Fix “LTE” on your Phone (STEPS)

Why Does My Phone Say “LTE”

The main reason why your phone says LTE is because it’s connected to a specific band of the 4G network. LTE is a subset of 4G and there is generally no difference between the two connections.


When you see the LTE icon on your smartphone, you’re connecting to an LTE network rather than a 2G, EDGE, 3G, or other networks.


Turned On Wi-Fi Assist

Unless you have Wi-Fi assist switched on in Settings, Wi-Fi takes precedence over mobile data. When Wi-Fi coverage is failing, Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches to mobile data.

If you start seeing “LTE” rather than your Wi-Fi symbol, Wi-Fi Assist has automatically switched from Wi-Fi to cellular data to ensure you do not go offline.


You Are Not In Reach Of Your Wi-Fi Device

Another reason why you might end up seeing the LTE symbol on your phone is when you are out of reach of a secure Wi-Fi network.

Most of the time, iPhones have their cellular data turned on and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Even if you have a fully functional Wi-Fi device, your phone will disconnect after a certain distance.

Due to the distance and inability to connect to the Wi-Fi, your iPhone will activate your cellular data, which is when you will see the LTE symbol pop up.


What Does LTE Mean On A Phone?

LTE is an abbreviation for Long Term Evolution, and it refers to the high-speed wireless communications technology used by many current cell phones and cellular equipment.


LTE is not exclusive to the iPhone; it is utilized by many current cell phones for high-speed data transfer.


How to Fix LTE Message On Phone

One way to get rid of the LTE message on your phone is by turning your cellular data off.

  • Open the Setting on your Phone
  • Select the tab that says “Cellular”
  • If the toggle is showing Green, that means your Cellular Data is turned on
  • To turn it Off, tap on the toggle to slide it to off
  • You can now exit your Settings, and your phone will no longer look for cellular connections the next time you are disconnected from the Wi-Fi


Phone says LTE


Why Does My Phone Say LTE Instead of 4G?

Your phone displays LTE instead of 4G when connecting to an LTE network which is essentially the same thing.


In the early days of 4G, several carriers released a faster 3G, dubbed 3G+, and promoted it as 4G.

As a result, most carriers now show LTE rather than 4G to represent the actual 4G so you don’t confuse it with a quicker version of 3G.


Why Does My Phone Say LTE Instead Of 5G?

It might also be that your service package does not support a 5G network or that you have throttled down to 4G after exceeding the 5G data cap.

This might happen if your phone is in an area where the 5G network is unavailable or if you have not configured your phone to work with the 5G network.


Why Does My Phone Say LTE Instead Of Wi-Fi?

Technology has advanced significantly, and your device will select the fastest connection.

This means that no matter what you are connected to if that connection isn’t performing well, your device will automatically recognize that and switch to a different mode of connection available without notifying you.

As a result, if your Wi-Fi connection is slower than your LTE connection, the device will display and utilize LTE even if you are connected.


Should My Phone Be On LTE Or 4G?

LTE is the technology that powers 4G. It was created when 4G was built to allow phones, towers, and other devices to communicate with one another.

LTE is the global standard for cellular communications technology. It is an open, interoperable standard utilized by almost all phones and iPhone models. All iPhone models now use LTE after the iPhone 4G.

Even though your phone is labeled as 4G, it employs LTE technology. No matter which iPhone model you have, disabling one will automatically disable the other.

However, it is to be noted that if you disable LTE on the iPhone 12 and onward, you will also end up disabling your phone’s ability to use 5G.


Why Is My Phone Connected To LTE, But I Have No Internet Connection?

The main reason your Phone may have LTE on but have no internet connection is because you have no internet data left, the sim card is faulty or the network settings have been lost.


Carrier Issues

One of the first things you should check with your cellular carrier. You may have run out of data used to provide you with internet through LTE.

If they inform you that you have run out of MBs or GBs for your LTE, you will need to reload them if you have a prepaid carrier service.


If they inform you that you have enough GB/MBs, then move on to the next steps.


Replace The SIM card

You could try deleting and reinserting your SIM card to see if it helps.

While it’s doubtful that the card became filthy or dusty while in your phone, reinserting causes it to read the card again, which might bring your cellular data back to life.

  1. Turn off youriPhone
  2. Take out the SIM card. To remove the SIM card tray, you’ll need a safety pin or something tiny
  3. SIM card trays on the iPhoen 12 and onwrad models can be found on the left side
  4. SIM card trays on the iPhone 11 and predecessors can be found on the right side
  5. Insert the SIM card again by sliding it in
  6. Turn your phone back on


Reset Network Configuration

If cellular data persistently refuses to cooperate, we may need to reset the network settings. This will delete any saved Wi-Fi networks and reset your cellular data settings to defaults.


This implies that changing your network settings might also resolve any Wi-Fi issues. Open the Settings app, select “General,” and then scroll down to find the “Reset” menu option.


How Do I Get My Phone Off LTE Mode?

  • Open the iPhone Settings app and select “Cellular”
  • Select “Cellular Data Options” in the newest versions of iOS, and older ones do not have the sub-menu
  • Tap “Enable LTE” and select “Off”
  • Exit Settings, but note that you will now have a slower cell connection


How To Turn On LTE On An iPhone

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Cellular
  • Go To Cellular Data Options
  • Press Enable LTE on your iPhone

Or on the latest iOS iPhones after the iPhone 6

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Mobile Data
  • Tap Enable LTE


How To Turn On LTE On Samsung Phone

  • Tap and hold the notification bar at the top of the home screen, then slide your finger down
  • To display additional options, swipe your finger to the left
  • Hold down the mobile data button
  • Select Network mode
  • If you intend to utilize LTE, ensure that LTE/WCDMA/GSM is enabled


Does LTE Use More Data Than 4g? 

A LTE connection may use data faster than 4G but it doesn’t use more data. The data usage between 4G and LTE is very similar.

Does LTE Use More Data Than 5g?

The latest 5G cellular system can handle thousands of more data than 4G LTE.

This implies that many more people may use it simultaneously, yet 5G devices utilized between 2.7 and 1.7 times more mobile data than 4G users.

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