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How to Fix a Sony TV Black Screen

Why does my Sony TV have a black screen?

The main reason why your Sony TV has a black screen is because of a faulty HDMI connection or a faulty backlight.


Sony televisions boast exceptional image quality, added features, and color accuracy. Sony’s build quality is likewise superior, and their high-end and mid-range TV models compete effectively with those of other companies; nevertheless, the business does not offer many budget-friendly models.

Sony TVs, despite their dependability, sometimes fail. Users frequently discover a blank screen or no image whenever they least expect it.

The great news is that we have several solutions for you that you may attempt before bringing the TV in for expensive repairs or replacements.


Possible Causes

If your Sony TV displays a blank screen, it might be for one of the following causes.

  • The screen is black due to a momentary glitch in Sony TV software
  • The Sony TV power supply or HDMI port is defective
  • The wire connection between external drives and the TV is faulty
  • Your Sony TV is in energy-saving or sleep mode
  • The TV’s image panel adjustment is turned on
  • The lighting adjustment on your Sony TV is incorrectly set


Hardware failure

This might be the cause of the black screen on your Sony television. To resolve this issue, contact a technician or visit your local service facility.


Faults or glitches

You may be seeing a black screen on your Sony TV as a result of transient bugs and flaws in your TV software. It may be fixed by rebooting and resetting the television.


Malfunctioning Settings

If your TV settings are incorrect, this could be the cause of the black screen on your Sony TV.


Sony TV showing black screen


How do I fix a Sony TV black screen?

To fix a Sony TV black screen,you should restart the TV or take assistance from the power cycle. This problem is usually the result of loose HDMI cables or firmware issues.


If you’re seeing the black screen of death on your Sony TV, you can attempt the solutions listed below.


Restart your Sony TV

Often a simple reboot or reset of your television with the use of a remote might assist you in resolving the black screen problem on your Sony television.

  • For 20 to 30 seconds, click and hold the power button on your Sony remote
  • Your Sony smart tv would then restart

Check to see whether the black screen is still present after restarting the television.


Power Cycle

Suppose your Sony smart TV has a black screen due to a momentary bug or failure. Then hard resetting or sleep cycling your smart TV may assist you in resolving the no image problem on your Sony smart tv.

  • First, switch off your Sony smart television
  • Disconnect any extra hardware from your smart TV, such as an HDMI connection or a storage device
  • Remove your Sony smart tv from the power source and push the power button for 10 to 20 seconds
  • Wait fifteen minutes now
  • Turn on your smart television

Check to see whether you’re still seeing a black screen on your Sony TV. This will resolve the black screen issue for many Sony television owners.


How to reset a Sony TV with a black screen?

To reset a Sony TV with a black screen, unplug the TV AC power cord using a separate power outlet from the electrical cord. Then plug it back in while holding the power button down. Wait for the white light to emerge.


To avoid getting a black screen while using the remote control to switch on your television, go to the power button and switch it instead.

Check that the TV you’re using isn’t in power saving or sleep mode. If your TV frequently shuts off, you may have to reset it to eco-mode.

To use the Watching TV or TV button, you may watch TV TV. By entering “devices,” you may access Settings. Wipe everything by going to Device Preferences, hitting Reset, next Factory Data Reset, and finally OK. The next stages will need some preparation.

  • Unplug the TV AC power cord using a separate power outlet from the electrical cord
  • When you hold down the Power button, you may plug in the AC power cable and then plug it back in (while still holding the button down)
  • Hold down the button if the white LED light emerges


Resetting your Sony smart tv to factory settings may help you with the black screen problem. The procedures below will assist you in resetting a Sony television with a black screen.

  • Locate the power button on your Sony television
  • Now, on your Sony smart tv, press and hold the up button on your Sony remote, followed by the power button
  • This will return your Sony television to its factory settings


If you can’t find a remote, then try this:

  • Find the buttons on the back of your Sony smart television
  • Unplug your Sony smart television from the power outlet
  • Hold down the volume + and power buttons on the back of the Sony smart TV
  • Now connect your smart TV while holding down the volume and power buttons
  • You will now notice an erasing notification or a green light. This indicates that your smart tv is being reset to factory settings
  • When the reset is complete, restart your smart TV and see if the problem persists


Why does the Sony tv screen goes black but the sound still works?

The main reason why a Sony TV screen goes black, but the sound still works, is because of a faulty HDMI cable or input issue.

If your Sony TV screen goes black, however, the sound still appears to work, or if your Sony smart tv screen goes black completely at random, you could indeed address this problem on your own.

If your Sony smart tv screen goes black, but the audio still works, this generally means there is a problem with your Sony smart tv screen and is also known as the Sony tv black screen of death.

If your Sony TV has no picture but still has sounds, you may have a screen malfunction. The following are the many methods for resolving the issue: power resetting the sony tv, swapping HDMI ports and HDMI cable, and factory resetting sony smart tv.

  • Reset the Power
  • Wait one minute after unplugging your TV from the wall
  • After a minute, reconnect it to the wall socket
  • Allow for your Sony smart tv to reboot, and your Sony smart tv with no image but sound will be solved. This power reset approach is the easiest and cures virtually all Sony smart tv difficulties


Examine Your HDMI Cable

  • Your HDMI connection is frequently the root of this issue
  • Check that your HDMI cable is firmly inserted into the connection at the rear
  • Check to see if you have a fire stick with a direct connection or a short cord
  • This strategy might address the majority of the problems
  • If this is not the case, attach your HDMI cable to the opposite port. A TV typically has three or four ports on the sides


Why is my Sony TV screen flashing black on and off?

The reason why your Sony TV screen flashes black on and off could be because of the lighting issue.

A lighting issue is causing your Sony TV screen to flicker. It might also be caused by loose or broken cable connections in rare circumstances.

You might try adjusting the advanced picture settings on your TV to correct the backlight. Also, ensure that any external device cords are secure and functional.


There are now several options to power cycle your Sony TV:

  • Through Quick Settings
  • Unplugging the power supply
  • Using the power button on the remote


They are all quick and simple. So choose one.

  • On your remote, press the Quick Settings button. That’s the one with the gear icon
  • Choose Settings
  • Scroll down and choose System
  • Select Restart
  • To confirm, click Continue again

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