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How to Fix “Call Failed” on your iPhone (STEPS)

Why Does My iPhone Say Call Failed?

The main reason why a mobile phone is showing a call failed message is because the phone has insufficient credit, poor network coverage, a faulty sim card or incorrect network settings.

  • Insufficient Credit
  • Cellular Connection Issues
  • Network Settings Error
  • Software Issues
  • SIM Issues


Insufficient Credit

One of the most reoccurring reasons for a call failed error can be a lack of credit on your iPhone, especially if you are subscribed to a prepaid package.

Due to this lack of credit, your iPhone will not be able to put your call through and display the Call Failed error.


Cellular Connection Issues

If you try to make the call from an area with poor network coverage, your iPhone will display Call Failed. If you use Wi-Fi Calling, you should have good cellular service or a reliable internet connection.


Network Settings Error

To function properly, an iPhone requires cellular network settings from the provider. The iPhone may occasionally have problems updating or maintaining its settings.

This circumstance may also result in the Call Failed error.


Software Issues

If you recently upgraded your iPhone to a new version of iOS, you may be experiencing this problem. You may get the call Failed notice frequently if there is any corruption or difficulty with the update.


SIM Issues

If you receive the Call Failed message so frequently that you cannot make a call, your iPhone may have a faulty SIM card.

This is more prevalent if you have an iPhone with an outdated SIM card. However, if you utilize an e-SIM, you may remove this option.


What Does Call Failed mean on an iPhone?

Before diving into the solutions to this problem, it’s a good idea to understand what it means. This problem occurs when you attempt to make a phone call on your iPhone.

When you try to make a call, the iPhone repeatedly says, “Call failed.” Surprisingly, several users claim to have had the identical problem during a phone call.

While the success rate of voice conversations on the iPhone has greatly increased in recent years, they can still fail on occasion.

The reasons cited above could be the potential causes, and once you have diagnosed the reason, it’s much easier to find a solution.


iPhone says call failed


How to Fix Call Failed Message on iPhone

To fix a call failed message on an iPhone, you should toggle airplane mode off and on 2 times. You can also reset all settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.


Contact Your Cellular Service Provider

Ascertain that you have an active account with the provider and adequate credit. While you’re at it, you can learn more about potential network interruptions.

Some cellular carriers may also provide specialized iPhone registration options, and you may obtain expert assistance in resolving the issue.

You may also share your experience using the SIM card on a different smartphone. If the carrier believes you have a malfunctioning SIM card, you will be assisted in changing it.

You should ideally do so after you’ve looked at the various possibilities we’ve listed above.


Toggle the Airplane mode

The most prevalent reason for call failure is a network problem. Swipe up from any screen on your iPhone to visit the Control Center and select Airplane Mode. Then, in the upper-left corner, hit the Airplane symbol. Please wait a few seconds before turning it off.

If you didn’t already know, it’s designed to let you use your iPhone securely while flying. When the mode is activated, Wi-Fi and cellular radio are turned off.

When you switch off Airplane mode, the radios return to normal operation. At this point, the iPhone will search for networks and connect to the chosen one.

This operation will ensure that your cellular connection is in the best possible condition.


Reset All Preferences

One setting can affect others. Resetting all settings will return your iPhone to its default settings. This will not erase any of your data.

To reset all settings, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Once you’ve entered the passcode, choose Reset All Settings to confirm.

If the preceding option does not resolve the issue, try erasing your iPhone. This method will reset all of the settings and remove all of the device’s content and apps.

That is why you should make a backup of your data beforehand.


Update your iPhone Ios To The Most Recent Version.

Bugs in iOS can prevent your iPhone from making or receiving cellular calls, resulting in the Call Failed message.

 By navigating to Settings >> General >> Software Update, you can ensure that you are running the most recent version of iOS.

Keeping your iPhone up to date can also help you avoid additional problems.


Removing and reinserting your SIM card

A faulty SIM card might be the source of failed or lost iPhone calls. Examine your SIM card for any signs of damage or scratches, especially if you’ve been using it for a long period.

You can try putting the SIM card into another iPhone if you have one. Alternatively, if you have another SIM card, try placing it into the first iPhone.

If one of these efforts results in a successful phone call, you’ve narrowed the problem down to the iPhone or the SIM card.


Why Does My iPhone Say Call Failed to One Number Only?

If you only get the Call Failed error when calling a certain number, you may have blocked that one number. If you try to contact a blocked number, your iPhone may display the Call Failed message.

So, if you keep getting the Contact Failed notice when attempting to call a certain number, you should check to see whether that’s the case.

To resolve the issue, navigate Settings and choose Phone from the list of options. To see the numbers you’ve banned, go to the next page and touch on Blocked Contacts.

Check if you haven’t blocked the number you’re attempting to dial. If it is, you may immediately delete it from the list.


Why does my iPhone 12 keep Saying Call Failed??

iPhone 12 series users can experience the occasional “Call failed” error message, which causes the call to fail to connect when they dial someone’s number.

Apple’s smartphone division enters the 5G sector with the iPhone 12 series for the first time. While small faults are expected, call failed issues like these are inconvenient, hence the complaints.

It is possible that the issue is on the iPhone’s end and is most likely software-related. In most cases, this problem appears on an iOS device due to obsolete software operating on the device.

Or an internal software fault is crashing or interfering with the connection when making a call. The next thing you know, your iPhone tells you that a call has failed.


Why Does my iPhone 13 Keep Saying Call Failed??

When the iPhone 13 drops call, it is typically because of poor network signal in the area.

Even while a weak signal is the most prevalent cause of the problem, a broken or improperly positioned SIM card or software problems may also be to fault.

Your Caller ID may have been concealed, causing your calls to fail. You may call other numbers on your iPhone without displaying your caller ID or phone number. This cunning tactic might occasionally jeopardize your calls and lead them to fail.

Most cellular calls are made inside the same region, although international calls are frequently linked over Wi-Fi.

As a result, a local prefix is automatically issued whenever you dial a phone number. This is what ‘Dial Assist’ accomplishes.

The automated function might be problematic when attempting to reach someone with a foreign number or a different prefix. By turning off ‘Dial Assist,’ you ensure that the number you dial is the one that receives your call.

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