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Why Your HP Laptop Keeps Shutting Down

Why does my HP laptop keep shutting down?

The main reason why your HP laptop keeps shutting down is because the CPU is overheating,  a battery fault, or the BIOS is outdated.



If your laptop is overheating, this might be why HP laptops shut down frequently.

Perhaps your laptop overheats when you work on it, and the cooling mechanisms are also malfunctioning. Likely, your HP laptop’s fans are not able to function properly.

When the fans aren’t working to keep the laptop, it will shut down to prevent any damage from happening to the laptop or you.


Battery Fault

If your laptop has a battery fault, then it will result in your HP laptop suddenly switching off without warning.

There are many reasons why there may be a battery fault. The batteries may be old and have expired or become damaged over time.

This can also tie in with overheating as that can also damage your HP laptop’s battery and cause it to malfunction in such a manner.


BIOS is Outdated

If you have not updated your BIOS in a long time, this might be the cause behind your HP laptop suddenly shutting down.

This is because laptops need upgrades to keep functioning primely, and without these updates, they will slow down and eventually begin malfunctioning.

If you haven’t updated the BIOS since you started using your HP laptop, it will escalate these problems, eventually resulting in sudden shutdowns.


HP laptop keeps shutting down


How to fix an HP laptop that keeps shutting down

To fix an HP laptop that keeps shutting down, you will need to fix the laptop fans, replace the battery and update the BIOS.


Fix The Laptop Fans

If your laptop is overheating, you must look into its fans and see if they’re working properly.


If not, then follow the steps below:

When it comes to overheating computers, dust accumulation is nothing new.

  • Take some compressed air and blow it directly into the fans
  • Removing the rear panel would be preferable. This ensures that dust is blown out of the laptop and that you are not forcing dust further into the machine
  • After the dust has been cleaned, reassemble the laptop and check whether the fans are running properly
  • If not, you should get them examined by a specialist


Replace The Battery

If you suspect your battery is the culprit for your HP laptop turning off suddenly, you will need to replace it. You can follow the steps below to do so safely:

  • Buy a new HP laptop battery
  • In Windows, create a battery report
  • Remove your laptop from the power supply
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the back panel of your laptop
  • Take out your old battery
  • Connect your new battery to the laptop’s body


Update The BIOS

If none of the above offer you an answer, then you should update your HP laptop’s BIOS to help it perform at its best for you. You can use the steps below to do it yourself:

  • Turn on the computer and then continually hit f10
  • Check HP.com for BIOS Updates selected
  • To see if a BIOS update is available, follow the on-screen instructions
  • If a BIOS update is available, upgrade the BIOS by following the on-screen instructions


How to fix an HP laptop that shuts down when unplugged

To fix an HP laptop that shuts down when unplugged, you should check your power source, as an unstable one may cause it to shut down suddenly.

It is the most hazardous condition since it can create serious problems with your laptop. As the current value fluctuates, it causes considerable damage to both the battery and the laptop itself.

If you are having the same problem, it is advised that you replace your power supply as soon as possible. Whether you’re not sure whether the problem is with the power supply, you may test it to see if it’s working.


How do I fix an HP laptop that shuts down when the charger is plugged in?

To fix an HP laptop that shuts down when the charger is plugged in, you will need to remove all externally attached hardware that may be overburdening it.

Perhaps your laptop’s hardware produces problems, resulting in a premature shutdown. It is not easy to remove the internal hardware of a laptop, but you can remove the external hard drives.

When your laptop finishes booting, it correctly replaces the external hard drives and checks to see whether it triggers the shutdown again.


Why does the HP laptop shut down even with 100% battery???

The reason your HP laptops shut down even with 100% could be a software issue affecting your device’s performance.

  • Software issues can arise from various causes, the most prevalent malware
  • If your HP laptop has a firewall, it may be blocked by startup services that your laptop requires to function
  • Remove any unwanted starting applications from the Windows system configuration tool


Why does the HP laptop suddenly shut down and won’t turn on?

The reason why your HP laptop suddenly shuts down and won’t turn on could be because it has a virus that is hindering its function.

To fix this issue, you can use the steps below by turning your laptop back on and performing the following:

  • Search for and launch Control Panel using the taskbar’s search box
  • Check that the View by option is set to Category
  • You should select System and Security
  • Choose Security and Maintenance from the drop-down menu
  • Check the message under Review recent messages and troubleshoot any issues
  • When the message is Security and Maintenance have found no problems, and security settings are up to date
  • If a security warning appears, click Turn on now to enable the firewall


Why does my HP laptop randomly shut down after a few minutes?

The reason why your HP laptop randomly shuts down after a few minutes could be because of RAM issues which can cause this error to occur.

Because of the ram crashing problem, most computers either stop operating or switch off randomly. This problem usually arises when your ram stops operating or is displaced.


To address this issue:

  • Disconnect your RAM
  • Let it cool and clean it, and then reconnect it
  • Check to see whether the problem has been resolved
  • If it does not, take your laptop to the service center


Booting HP laptop shows logo then has a black screen

The reason booting your HP laptop shows a logo and then has a black screen is because it needs service.

There is no doubt that laptop servicing is critical since it significantly impacts laptop processing. There will be major issues if the laptop is not serviced.

Overheating, unpredictable shut down, and sluggish processing are the most typical issues. As a result, dusting your laptop regularly is essential for smooth and speedy functioning.


There is no alternative solution to this problem.

  • Take your laptop to a reputable service facility or laptop repair shop and get it thoroughly cleaned
  • If your laptop is out of warranty, you may fix it by removing the case and cleaning the dust with a brush or an air blower


Why does my HP shut down instead of going to sleep?

The reason why your HP shuts down instead of going to sleep is because of an error in the device’s Power Settings.


You can use the following to change your Power Settings and get rid of this issue on your own:

  • To launch the Run dialog box, press the Win+R keys together
  • Enter the command ms-settings: power sleep
  • Select Additional power options from the Power & Sleep window
  • Select Choose what the power buttons do from the Power Options menu
  • Change the settings for the following options: When I turn the power off, push the sleep button, and close the lid
  • Save changes by clicking the button
  • Check to see whether adjusting these settings resolved the issue


Why does my HP specter randomly shut down?

The reason why your HP Spectre randomly shuts down is that it may need an IMEI update. You can use the following steps to fix this issue:

  • Choose Device Manager by pressing Windows Key+X
  • Select System Devices from the Device Manager window
  • Select Properties from the context menu when right-clicking the Intel Management Engine Interface
  • Choose Uninstall Device from the Driver tab
  • Restart your computer
  • Download the most recent IMEI driver
  • To finish the setup, follow the on-screen directions


Why does my HP Probook randomly shut down?

The reason why your HP Probook randomly shuts down is because you may have Power Mode Settings turned ON. You can fix this issue with the steps below:

  • Restart your computer and enter BIOS by pressing the proper key
  • Navigate to the Power Management Configuration section
  • Look for and enable the Power Saving Mode option
  • BIOS should be saved and exited


Why does my HP Pavillion randomly shut down?

The reason why your HP Pavillion randomly shuts down is because of overheating. Excessive laptop activity commonly causes overheating.

  • It can also be caused by using your laptop in a hot environment or keeping it near heat-absorbing items
  • Another significant cause of this problem is a lack of cooling hardware or a dust problem.
  • Some laptops develop this major problem after a long time of use
  • In this instance, the laptop becomes extremely hot, and the fan blows extremely hot air
  • You may resolve this issue by using a cooling paste on the CPU. You should not use it on its own
  • Laptop repair shops can assist you with this problem
  • You may also check your fan to see whether it is functioning correctly, or you can get a cooling pad


Why does my HP Omen keeps shutting down?

The reason why your HP Omen keeps shutting down is because it may have a virus hosting its system.

This is the most prevalent issue that affects practically every machine. It nearly completely kills your laptop.

  • Do not be alarmed; installing antivirus software may quickly resolve this issue
  • If you still have a virus problem with your computer, you should take it to a service facility and get it checked


Why does my HP Elite keep shut down?

The reason why your HP Elite keeps shutting down is because it may have a faulty battery.

  • This problem frequently develops when a laptop has been in use for a long time or has been overcharged
  • If your laptop shuts down unexpectedly, check the battery to see if it’s in good working order. If it isn’t, you should get a new battery
  • Check that the battery has the same amperes as the laptop, or your laptop may have troubles when working

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